Choice Hotels Choice Privileges Limited Time Deals

Choice Privileges 1,000 bonus points for app booking

Day 2 of Choice Hotels Members Only Madness offers 1,000 bonus points for using the Choice Hotels app to book a stay by November 19, 2022 and complete your stay by December 31, 2022. This offer can be combined with yesterday’s offer for 5,000 bonus points after a 3 nights or longer stay.

Loyalty Traveler – 5,000 Bonus Points for 3-night stay by Dec 31. Choice Hotels Members Only Madness Deals Nov 14-18.

I keep most of the major chain hotel apps on my phone for when I travel. Radisson Rewards Europe and Best Western Rewards have also offer bonus points for booking through their apps this month.

Choice Hotels Members Only Madness Day 2 – app booking 1,000 bonus points.