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Hyatt deal for Premium Suite Thessaloniki, Greece

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Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Executive Suite

This week I am looking at opportunities for Hyatt Standard and Premium Suites at low category hotels in Europe. The first article in this series examined Hyatt reward rates for various room types at Category 1 to 4 hotels and the price to buy points during the May 2022 sale for $16.80 per 1,000 points, up to 55,000 points.

Intro to Hyatt Hotels in Europe where buying points is a good deal also showed how to find a cheap $300 per night Premium Suite at the category 1 Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Serbia for 7,000 Hyatt points per night.

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Greece – World of Hyatt Category 2 Hotel

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Being Greece, Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki is standard rates or peak rates all summer months from June until late September before there are any off-peak reward dates. Use the Hyatt website link to view “Points Calendar” located next to photo on image below.

“Points Calendar” link appears when you search points rates for rewards at any specific hotel.

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki has off-peak reward dates Tuesday and Wednesday nights Sep 27-28.

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Standard Room Free Night Reward is only 6,500 points for off-peak dates. This is a great deal considering the room rate at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki is 177 EUR/$187 USD per night for these dates. You can buy 6,500 points for $109.20 and save nearly $80 per night on this stay.

Hyatt Suite Reward Nights

See what room types are offered for Standard Suite free Night and Premium Suite Free Night, then compare to room rates.

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Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Standard Suite is 80-square-meter King or Twin Deluxe.
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Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Premium Suite is choice of 80-square-meter Regency Suite or 100-square-meter Executive Suite.

Regency Suite King has similar size and description as King Deluxe, except for marble bath. Room rates are only 15 EUR difference, while Regency Executive Suite is a big price difference from Regency Suite King.

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11,500 points ($193.20 to buy points) buys a Standard Suite 80-square meter King Deluxe room priced at 267 EUR/$281 USD while a Premium Suite Reward for 13,000 points ($218.14 to buy points) per night buys a Regency Suite King 80-square-meter room priced at 282 EUR/$297 USD.

The real deal here is the Executive Suite room for 13,000 points on a Premium Suite reward stay.

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Buy Hyatt points to pay only $218 for this $450 per night suite at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Greece.

13,000 Hyatt points buys the Regency Executive Suite with a nightly price tag of 427 EUR/$450 USD. During the current Hyatt buy points sale through May 30, 2022 you can buy 13,000 Hyatt points for $218.14.