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Intro to Hyatt Hotels in Europe where buying points is a good deal

a chart of a hotel reward

This article examines World of Hyatt loyalty program reward rate points tables for low category 1 to 4 hotels. Hyatt points are on sale through May 30, 2022 for as low as $16.80 per 1,000 points. You can buy up to 55,000 points.

Buy Hyatt Points webpage.

Hyatt Reward Night Room Categories

  • Standard Free Night Room
  • Club Room
  • Standard Suite
  • Premium Suite

a chart of a hotel reward

Flipping through different reward charts on the Hyatt website seemed inconvenient to me. I put all the Category 1 -4 reward points prices together in one chart.

There are 8 categories of Hyatt Hotels and even more variations of reward charts for some brands, along with Points + Cash rates. For purposes of this analysis I only examine hotels in category 1 to 4 due to the price in points rising exorbitantly for a casual guest at Hyatt without a boatload of credit card points or points from frequent Hyatt stays.

Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Serbia – World of Hyatt Category 1 Hotel

Hyatt Regency Belgrade ranks #18 of 145 hotels on TripAdvisor for Belgrade. Room rates for this category 1 hotel start around 100 EUR per night for Best Flexible Rate. Points standard room rates are 5,000 points with off-peak dates at 3,500 points and peak dates at 6,500 points.


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Hyatt Regency Belgrade Category 1 Off-Peak Reward Rates

I specifically searched for off-peak rates at Hyatt Regency Belgrade using the Points Calendar link next to the hotel photo in the image above.

a screenshot of a calendar

Standard room reward rate of 3,500 Hyatt points buys a $93 hotel room.


a screenshot of a hotel room
Hyatt Regency Belgrade cash rate for standard room and Club access

A nonrefundable advance purchase rate of 89 EUR/$93 USD room is available for 3,500 Hyatt points.

  • $93/3,500 points = $.0266 per point. I typically drop the decimals by counting in thousands of points.
  • $93/3.5 = $26.57 per 1,000 points in Hyatt points redemption value for standard free night reward at Hyatt Regency Belgrade. Redemption value is even higher if reward rate is compared to 100 EUR/$104 Best Flexible Rate with the same room cancellation rule as a reward stay.
  • $104/3.5 = $29.71 per 1,000 Hyatt points redeemed for this room stay.

You can buy Hyatt points for $16.80 per 1,000 points and redeem 3,500 points ($58.80 to buy points) at Hyatt Regency Belgrade for a $104 standard room. This free night has a redemption value of $29.71 per 1,000 Hyatt points.

The Hyatt points reward table shown above is modified below to show the price per room night in points when valued at $16.80 per 1,000 points.

a table with numbers and points
Cost to buy points for Hyatt category 1-4 reward nights by room type

Regency Club Free Night at Hyatt Regency Belgrade

Regency Club access is a 40 EUR rate per night upgrade on a paid rate for this Hyatt Regency Belgrade stay.

2,000 Hyatt points are cost $33.60, so the cost for 2,000 points is less than what it cost to buy up on a paid stay at Hyatt Regency Belgrade. 

In my general opinion, there is better value in using points for standard rooms and suite upgrades compared to Regency Club access at most Hyatt properties. While I greatly enjoy club lounge access for food and drink during Hyatt stays, the cost in points to upgrade to Regency Club is fairly high at many hotels, especially since the price in points to get Club access rises for each higher category level.

Frequent guests of hotel lounges know that not all lounges are created equal. Reading reviews of specific lounges is best to determine what the specific Club Lounge offers and decide accordingly if you think the extra cost in points is a good value for that stay.

Standard Suite at Hyatt Regency Belgrade

Hyatt Regency Belgrade 65-square-meter Regency Suite King is a 239 EUR/$249 USD room rate or 6,500 points. Buying points for $109 to book a $249 room night is a great redemption value of $38.31 per 1,000 Hyatt points.

a screenshot of a hotel

a screenshot of a hotel room


Hyatt Regency Belgrade Premium Suite

At only 500 more Hyatt points per reward night, a Premium Suite Reward stay is a no brainer deal for a 96-square-meter suite. 7,000 points ($117.60 to buy) for a 289 EUR/$301 USD room is a $43 per 1,000 points redemption value on Hyatt points.

That kind of deal makes buying Hyatt points at $16.80 per 1,000 points something to consider if your travel plans take you to Belgrade, Serbia.

a screenshot of a hotel room

Hyatt Reward Rate Analysis to continue this week…

For the first time in about eight years I have started focusing more spend on my Hyatt Visa card. The addition of Small Luxury Hotels of the World added many more international hotels to the redemption options with Hyatt for places I travel in Europe.

Off-peak reward rates also provide more discount opportunities for certain low category hotels combined with an easy to search monthly reward night rates calendar makes it easy to find these lower points rate reward nights.

My intention with this article was to examine five different Hyatt Hotels in Europe with category 1 to 4 reward nights. I need to break up the work into different pieces for hotel rate and points analysis covering other Hyatt properties in Greece, Malta, Netherlands and Spain. 

This week I will take a deeper dive into the cheaper places to travel with Hyatt points for big savings on a small budget.






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