JetStar $469rt Honolulu to Melbourne, Australia with seat and checked bag

JetStar low cost flights between Honolulu and Melbourne, Australia are a way to cut the price of a round trip flight from California to Australia to under $400 round trip for a no frills flight or as low as $469 to book tickets including 7kg carry-on, 20kg checked bag and a window or aisle seat.

Two one-way tickets for HNL-MEL and MEL-HNL price about $100 less compared to booking a JetStar round trip ticket from Honolulu due to the lower ticket price for the MEL-HNL one-way segment.

The cost to get to Honolulu from your mainland airport determines if this is a good value. Tickets from several California cities are $300 or less for round trip travel to Honolulu or use a frequent flyer award. Spending nights in Hawaii is a bonus. Most tickets from California to Australia are currently priced in the $1,200+ range round trip for autumn travel. JetStar offers a route for significant savings on flights from the USA to Australia.

JetStar HNL – MEL – HNL

$405 round trip Wed Sep 21 – Wed Oct 5

There are 4 baggage options for Honolulu – Melbourne nonstop flight.

  1. 7 kg carry-on only. As someone who has made several 10-day trips with just a backpack, I’d find 7kg carry-on only for a trip to Australia a challenge. 
  2. 14-kg carry-on only. Seat selection. Flight changes allowed. In-flight food (add $99 USD).
  3. 7-kg carry-on + 20kg checked bag. Seat selection. Flight changes allowed. In-flight food (add $99 USD).
  4. 7-kg carry-on + 30kg checked bag. All of above amentities + cancel for voucher (add $138 USD).

You can save about $50 by selecting the 7kg carry-on only option and buying either extra carry-on weight at $43 for 14kg or one 20kg checked bag ($39) and a window or aisle seat as a $7 extra added to the lowest $235 fare..

JetStar HNL-MEL Buy up to 14kg carry-on for $43 one way.

or buy 20kg Checked Bag for $39 one way.


JetStar Honolulu HNL – Melbourne MEL

$235 USD one way Sunday September 18

$235 HNL-MEL one way ticket

+ $7 window or aisle seat choice

+ $39 checked bag 20kg/44 lb.

= $281.00 HNL-MEL one-way with Jet Star on Sunday Sep 18, 2022.

JetStar Melbourne MEL – Honolulu HNL

JetStar Melbourne to Honolulu one-way ticket = $209 AUD/$148 USD

Melbourne to Honolulu JetStar bag fees

JetStar 20kg bag fee Melbourne-Honolulu one-way $47AUD ($33.26 USD)

$266 AUD/$188.23 USD total for JetStar Melbourne-Honolulu one-way ticket with checked bag and aisle seat.

In Summary

Sep 18 JetStar Honolulu – Melbourne one way = $281 USD with aisle or window seat and 20kg checked bag.

Oct 5 JetStar Melbourne – Honolulu one way = $188.23 USD with aisle or window seat and 20kg checked bag.

$469.23 round trip Honolulu – Melbourne with JetStar Sep 18 – Oct 5, 2022.

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  1. I wish anything close to this were available to NZ South Island, Queenstown (ZQN) or Christchurch (CHC). Maybe in a year after capacity returns to normal we will see some deals, but with current fuel prices that seems unlikely. Transpac flights use a lot of fuel.

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