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SAS LAX/SFO fares in $400s to Europe Sep 2022-Mar 2023

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SAS flying over Golden Gate Park San Francisco

Scandinavian Airlines SAS has basic economy GoLight fares to many cities across Europe in the $400s for travel from September 2022 to March 2023. Low priced cities are spread across Europe with Tallinn, Estonia; Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam or Rome as examples of destinations that can be booked for mid-$400s with GoLight fares or low 500s in GoSmart. Additional benefits of GoSnart fares are checked bag for about $54 more than GoLight (only a carry-on bag included free) and more SAS Eurobonus points. Seat assignments are extra with either fare type. Paid seats are as low as $29 each way for an aisle or window seat on the long haul flights between LAX/SFO and Copenhagen.  

Ticket prices have skyrocketed for California to Europe from mid-June to mid-August with fares currently at $1,000+ for most major cities. 

Examples of September 2022 SAS fares from LAX

  • LAX-Dublin, Ireland $431 round trip
  • LAX – Paris $464
  • LAX-Barcelona $440
  • LAX-Rome $457
  • LAX-Riga, Latvia $429
  • LAX – Warsaw $446
  • LAX-Amsterdam $462
  • LAX-Hamburg $498
  • LAX – Athens $516

Examples of September 2022 SAS fares from SFO

  • SFO-Berlin $506 round trip
  • SFO- Paris $466
  • SFO-Barcelona $439
  • SFO-Florence, Italy $441
  • SFO-Tallinn, Estonia $434 
  • SFO – Warsaw, Poland $437
  • SFO-Amsterdam $450
  • SFO – Thessaloniki, Greece $458
  • SFO-Zurich $459

SFO to Amsterdam SAS GoSmart fare

Friday Sep 2 – Thursday Sep 15, 2022

$533.47 round trip (includes checked bag) or $478.47 GoLight fare.

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$534 SFO-AMS Sep 2-15, 2022 SAS GoSmart fare

Another advantage of SAS GoSmart besides the free checked bag is earning 5,800 points for the round trip ticket. Domestic flights within Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland are as low as10,000 points round trip or 6,000 points one way with SAS Bonus tickets. I have used 10,000 SAS points for Norway trips like Bergen to Evenes Airport (Harstad/Narvik), north of the Arctic Circle near the Lofoten Islands. 

a rainbow over a body of water
Harstad, Norway in September 2015

SAS played a big role in my ability to earn Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold elite status for travel as a Star Alliance Gold member. Until last year SAS GoLight fares earned 100% miles with Aegean Miles+Bonus. In 2021, Aegean Miles+Bonus changed its rules and no longer awards miles for SAS GoLight fares. Upgrade to SAS GoSmart ticket for about $54 round trip on a USA-Europe ticket and the same L class fare earns 50% miles with Aegean Miles+Bonus. This is the same rate as 50% miles awarded for United and Air Canada discount economy K fares to Europe. This gives me the option of three different airlines (SAS, Air Canada and United) with discount economy fares to earn miles for award travel and elite status. This is a nice workaround to elite status compared to the spend based requirements imposed by the major U.S. airlines.

an airplane wing and land in the sky
SAS over Denmark

Anyway, I enjoy flying SAS to Europe as well as most other airlines for economy class. Copenhagen and Stockholm are easy airports to navigate through efficiently with good connections to other destinations in Europe. Both airports have inexpensive hotel options for overnight stays if you have 8,000 Choice Privileges points for Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance in Malmo or 10,000 points for Hotel Sign in Stockholm.

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