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Best Western free night after 2 nights Feb 18-Apr 20.

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Best Western Rewards new promotion is one free night after two nights stayed in any Best Western hotels in USA, Canada and Caribbean from Feb 18 to April 20, 2020. Two eligible nights can be consecutive nights at same hotel or one-night stays at two different hotels. Free night is valid for 70 days from date of issuance for any hotel in USA, Canada or Caribbean.

Each BWR member can earn a maximum one free night with this promotion.

The short validity period for the free night at 70 days after issuance is the main drawback to this promotion offer.

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This is a good value offer. There are plenty of places, even in a high priced state like California, where you can earn a free night for under $130 in total spend. And there are plenty of hotels where you can redeem a free night for a $200+ hotel. In my area of California, even some beach location hotels offer low midweek rates.

Best Western Marina State Beach

Feb 25-27, 2020

$146.34 after tax.

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Or simply book the cheapest hotel rate around locally if you want to earn a free night while staying at your own home.

SureStay Seaside Monterey

March 1-3, 2020

$131.02 after tax.

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One of the best value redemption nights are two Best Western hotels across the street from the Disneyland entrance gates. A couple can earn two free nights for Disneyland with four nights at other Best Western hotels.

Best Western Anaheim Park Place Inn

Sat April 11, 2020

$262.20 after tax.

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Loyalty Traveler – Anaheim Best Western Plus Park Place Inn (2018)

Santa Barbara is another city for free night certificate high value where Best Western Hotels are regularly over $200 per night and reward rates run 40,000 points per night.


  • clover Cahn February 13, 2020

    Does this include Vib, Glo, Sadie or Aiden hotels?

  • Ric Garrido February 13, 2020

    All Best Western brands count.

    Seems kind of funny to me thinking of Best Western brands not named Best Western after decades as a one brand chain.

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