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Best Western 3K per stay Feb 8-Apr 19. Register by Feb 10, book by Feb 23.

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Best Western Rewards has a flash promotion for 3,000 bonus points on every stay booked by February 23 and completed by April 19, 2020. The main thing to know about this offer is the member registration deadline is Monday Feb 10, however, eligible bookings can be made through February 23.

Best Western Rewards 3,000 points per stay promotion timeline:

Monday, Feb 10 – 3K per stay promotion registration deadline.

Sunday, Feb 23 – booking deadline for qualifying stays at hotels worldwide.

Sunday, April 19 – last date for qualifying stays to earn 3,000 bonus points.

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Analysis: 3,000 points per stay can be a decent rebate for low cost hotel stays. Hotel rates in the USA are currently relatively high among global regions. In contrast, I see Best Western hotel rates in other regions, like Europe and Asia, in the $40 to $60 per night range for countries like Italy, Spain and Poland.

Trieste, Italy

Sunday March 22, 2020

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Three hotels in northern Italy range in price from $45 to $58 per night.

Trieste, Italy has one Best Western Hotel with three other Best Western hotels in this area of northern Italy and Slovenia. 3,000 bonus points for hotel stays with rates from $45 to $58 per night can mean a potential $15 to $30 in points rebate value. Even though BWR recently added new hotel reward categories with rates up to 56,000 points, there are still many places with rates in the 8,000 to 12,000 points level. Best Western uses seasonal rates, so the cost for reward nights varies throughout the year at many hotels. A hotel might be 28,000 points one month and 12,000 points in a different month. The key is finding the low reward rate seasons for a hotel you want to stay.

At the low end of reward rates are 5,000 points reward nights at select hotels.

Best Western Hotel Edison Przezmierowo, Poland (near Poznan)

July 20, 2020

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Given the potential to earn 15,000 points for about $250 in hotel spend and the option to stay 3 nights for 15,000 points at a hotel in summer season with a room rate around $45 per night is a way to see more than 50% return on hotel spend investment.

Best Western Rewards is not everyone’s idea of a useful hotel loyalty program. I don’t stay frequently at Best Western hotels, however, I do find good value in select places. Italy and Poland are the two countries where Best Western Rewards has paid off nicely for me over the past few years in cities like Rome, Krakow and Gdansk. Back in 2015 I found great value with BWR in British Columbia. In 2018 I took full advantage of two BWR promotions for any hotel in North America at 10,000 points per night to vacation in Key West and take a family trip to Disneyland with stays at two Best Western hotels directly across the street from the main entrance gate.

Anaheim, California – Best Western Plus Park Place Inn (2018)

Key West, Florida – Best Western Hibiscus Key West (2018)

Vienna, Austria – Best Western Plus Amedia Wien (2016)

Best Western Tin Wis Resort, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (2015)

Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort, Sooke, British Columbia (2015)

Nice, France – Best Western Nice So’Co (2017) 8,000 BWR points for a 90 EUR room night.

Rome, Italy - Best Western Hotel Artdeco (2018)

Best Western Rome Fiumicino Airport (2018)