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Hyatt buy points $18 per 1,000 rate to Feb 29

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World of Hyatt is selling points at 25% discount through February 29, 2020 dropping the rate from $24 to $18 per 1,000 points. A member must buy at least 5,000 points for the discount rate to apply. A member may buy a maximum 55,000 points in a calendar year.

Hyatt had a 2019 Q-4 offer for 40% bonus points with a lower price at $17.15 per 1,000 points with the added advantage that the maximum purchase was 77,000 points since the 40% bonus points raised the annual purchase limit during that sale.

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While buying points is a good way to pick up a discount rate for some hotels, the cost of reward nights in World of Hyatt means even the lowest level category 1 hotels at 5,000 points per night will cost $90. This can still be a good deal, especially for airport hotels in the USA.

Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport/North 

Tue Feb 29, 2020 

5,000 points ($90 to buy) or $192.28 lowest room rate.

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5,000 Hyatt points for $90 offers a significant discount on the $192.28 room rate at

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There are significant discounts to be found at higher category hotel reward rates too. But personally for me, I don’t care if $360 to buy 20,000 Hyatt points offers a big room rate discount on a hotel since I would not consider spending $360 for a hotel room night anyway.

Andaz London Liverpool Street

Tue March 17, 2020

20,000 points ($360) or 470 GBP ($615 USD).

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Buying 20,000 Hyatt points saves $255 on this room night in London.

Given that Choice Privileges points on sale right now through February 4 can buy a hotel room at several properties around London for $55 to $85 per night at hotels with reward rates at 8,000 points and 12,000 points per night, the question becomes for me, how important is it to stay at a Hyatt?

Apparently with so many blogger fans praising Hyatt each week on Boarding Area, the World of Hyatt hotel brand is more important to many others than it is to me as a leisure traveler. Still, there are some good deals I see at Hyatt airport hotels that makes buying points at $18 per 1,000 points a reasonable proposition for another hotel chain reward night option when I find myself unexpectedly stuck at an airport needing a hotel.