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Hotel Review Mercure Amsterdam Canal District great location

a sign on a brick wall

Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District for two nights starting Christmas Day was my second stay for Le Club Accorhotels, now rebranded as ALL-Accor Live Limitless, September 2019 promotion for 6,000 bonus points after 3 two-night stays. The advance purchase rate I booked in September came to 207.10 EUR with 13.30 EUR tax for a total 220.40 EUR ($244.72).

a bridge over a river with lights on it
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum in background

Location: Loved the location of this hotel on a residential block between the Amstel River and Rijksmuseum (9 minutes walk) and about 12 minutes walk to Leidseplein. The hotel address is listed as Noorderstraat 46, although the entrance to the hotel can also be accessed from the parallel street Nieuwe Looiersstraat. A passageway to the hotel entrance in the interior courtyard connects both streets.

a brick building with a staircase and a street light
Mercure Amsterdam passageway view from Noorderstraat to Mercure hotel entrance in center courtyard with passageway opening to Nieuwe Looiersstraat.

Our room faced Nieuwe Looiersstraat directly across from Walkart School building (1844). There was nobody around to be seen in the large windows of the dark building across the street for the two nights we stayed at Mercure hotel and we kept our curtains wide open. These days I think the building houses a business and not a school. Nieuwe Looiersstraat was noticeably quiet on the two ‘Kerstdagen‘ Christmas holidays of Dec 25-26. Then about 3am on Friday Dec 27, I woke up with a bank of lights shining onto the bed and in my eyes as every light in the Walkart School building was turned on, apparently for a cleaning crew. I finally closed the curtains for our last hours of sleep.

a brick street with bicycles parked on the side
Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District sign and Dutch flag on Nieuwe Looiersstraat. Walkart School building (1844) on right.

My street preference when walking to and from the hotel was the direction to Nieuwe Looiersstraat by the colorful Amsterdam mural outside the Mercure lobby entrance on the wall of the passageway.

a painting on a brick wall
Amsterdam mural outside Mercure Canal District lobby entrance.
a painting on a brick wall
Amsterdam mural outside Mercure Canal District lobby entrance.
a building with a glass door
Entrance to Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District.

a sign on a brick wall

Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District lobby

The lobby entrance wall display of 17th century Dutch paintings offers some art culture to guests in the form of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

a painting of a man and woman in a room
Mercure lobby wall art including The Milkmaid (1658) by Johann Vermeer.

There are only 34 Vermeer paintings scholars generally agree are authentic and they are scattered across museum collections around the world. Four of these paintings, including The Milkmaid, are property of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. A few more are found in The Hague, Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, and London. The largest share of Vermeer paintings are found in New York at Metropolitan Museum of Art and Frick Collection, along with four more at Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art.

a christmas tree with a painting on the wall
Mercure lobby – ‘Celebration of the Peace of Munster’ – Bartholomeus van der Helst (1648).

The past couple of years I have spent many hours reading texts on 17th century European history. One of the pivotal events in Dutch history was the 1648 Peace of Munster treaty ending the 80 Years’ War between the Netherlands and Spain, with recognition of the Dutch Republic as a sovereign country of Europe. This was also part of the Peace of Westphalia (1648), ending the Thirty Years’ War, one of the most destructive periods of warfare in Europe. Recognition of the Dutch Republic essentially marks the foundational beginning of modern Europe based on nation-states. This period in history is also known as the ‘Dutch Golden Age‘.

a room with black and white checkered flooring and chairs
Mercure lobby reception desk (left) and seating area.
a room with chairs and a table
Mercure Amsterdam Canal District lobby.

Mercure Amsterdam check-in 

We had to wait for our room since we arrived around 12:30 and official check-in time is 14:00. We dropped off our luggage and walked over to the Rijksmuseum where there was a Christmas Market and hot food booths on the Museumplein near the outdoor ice skating rink.

a group of people ice skating
Amsterdam ice rink on the Museumplein.
a small wooden building with signs and trees
Amsterdam craft beer
a sign on the ground
‘Merry Drunk I’m Christmas’
Rijksmuseum with many towers and people walking around
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum
Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District – Room 224
a bed with a painting on the wall
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 two twin beds
a room with two beds and a painting on the wall
Windows that open offered refreshing cool air.
a black desk with a lamp and a chair
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 desk.

I did find the room desk too cluttered to set up my computer. I moved the telephone, coffee maker, and hot water tray setup to the floor to clear the space.

a black television and a desk in a room
Mercure Amsterdam Room 224 TV and minifrig in cabinet.
a refrigerator with bottles of soda and cans
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 refrigerator

After our two night stay at Ibis Amsterdam Centre Stopera without a room frig, this was a welcome sight as I had purchased some turkey, cheese and yogurt at the Albert Heijn market while we were out. One of the great benefits of Amsterdam as a tourist on Christmas Day were many markets, most museums and restaurants in the city center remained open for business.

two waffles in plastic wrappers next to a cup
Mercure Amsterdam welcome gifts

Le Club Accorhotels has gifted me Platinum elite status for several years, yet these stays in Amsterdam were the first time I had stayed with Accor Hotels. All three stays included welcome gifts and a voucher for two free drinks in the hotel bar. Mercure Amsterdam gifted me a couple of stroopwaffles and an Amstel coffee cup.

Ironically, after my three December 2019 stays for six nights, I was downgraded to ALL Gold elite for 2020. Still, that comes with some benefits that are a generous bonus considering my actual stay pattern with Accor Hotels. I plan to include Accor Hotels in my summer 2020 trip to burn the 8,000 ALL points worth 160 EUR I earned from these three December stays.

a chair next to a window
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 rocking chair
a bathroom with a sink and mirror
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 bathroom
a bathroom with a sink and toilet
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 toilet


a shower with a shower head
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 shower
a sink with a boat painted on it
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 bathroom sink
a tile wall with a painting of a sailboat
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 bathroom tiles
a white shelf with a bag and a bag on it
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 closet

Seemed odd to only have two hangars in closet.

a white shelf with a bag and shoes
Mercure Amsterdam room 224 closet.

One of my favorite aspects of the room was the high ceiling.

a light fixture from the ceiling
Mercure Amsterdam 224 high ceiling
a street with cars parked on it
Residential street near Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District

I enjoyed this hotel stay. We never made it to the basement level restaurant or bar during our stay. The streets around the hotel were so quiet. Walking over to Leidseplein for Wok to Walk takeaway, walking down to the Amstel River to see Amsterdam Light Festival exhibits and the close proximity to the Rijksmuseum and Leidseplein made this one of my favorite hotel locations I have stayed in Amsterdam.

Christmas week may have been the lowest rates of the year for this hotel. Rate checks show the hotel rates tend to start at over $175 per night for most dates. Some weekends this January have rates starting at $400 USD per night.

a map of a city
Google Maps – Mercure Amsterdam Centre Canal District

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