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Budget travel at 20 Marriott Category 1 AC Hotels across Spain

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20 Category 1 AC Hotels by Marriott in Spain – Loyalty Traveler Nov 18, 2019.

Spain can be a real budget travel deal with Marriott Bonvoy points. There are 100 Marriott brand hotels in Spain with 20 of those hotels sitting at Marriott Bonvoy category 1 with a standard reward night rate of 7,500 points. All 20 of these Spain category 1 hotels are AC Hotels by Marriott.

Summer 2019 introduction of Marriott Bonvoy off-peak reward night rates means Standard reward nights are 7,500 points at category 1 hotels and drop to 5,000 points for off peak dates. In my previous article, I showed how the first seven days of February 2020 offer five dates with off peak rates at 12 to 18 hotels each night from the 20 category 1 AC Hotels.

Through Dec 22, Marriott has a promotion for 30% off points purchases, dropping the price to $8.75 per 1,000 points with a 100,000 points calendar year maximum purchase limit. 5,000 points costs $43.75 during this sale.

Three of the 20 AC Hotels in Spain at category 1 were available for a 5-night stay using only 20,000 points and 11 more AC hotels were only 22,500 points for 5 hotel nights. That works out to a hotel discount rate of $35 to $39 per night for 14 of the 20 Marriott Bonvoy category 1 AC Hotels for a 5th night free reward stay from Feb 6-11.

The cost for 20,000 points is $175. Five nights at a category 1 AC Hotel by Marriott in Spain can cost as little as $175 when you buy 20,000 points and stay this February. There are 399 Category 1 hotels around the world available for deep discounts on lodging buying points for Marriott Bonvoy reward nights.

The best part of these category 1 AC Hotels in Spain is location. Most are in city centers. Several of the AC Hotels in northern Spain are attractive ones to me.

  1. AC Hotel by Marriott A Coruna
  2. AC Hotel by Marriott Alcala de Henares
  3. AC Hotel by Marriott Algeciras
  4. AC Hotel by Marriott Almeria
  5. AC Hotel by Marriott Badajoz
  6. AC Hotel by Marriott Burgos
  7. AC Hotel by Marriott Elda
  8. AC Hotel by Marriott Guadalajara
  9. AC Hotel by Marriott Huelva
  10. AC Hotel by Marriott La Linea
  11. AC Hotel by Marriott Leon San Antonio
  12. AC Hotel by Marriott La Rioja
  13. AC Hotel by Marriott Aravaca, Madrid
  14. AC Hotel by Marriott San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid
  15. AC Hotel by Marriott Murcia
  16. AC Hotel by Marriott Palencia
  17. AC Hotel by Marriott Ponferrada
  18. AC Hotel by Marriott Valencia
  19. AC Hotel by Marriott Palacio de Santa Ana, Valladolid
  20. AC Hotel by Marriott General Alava Hotel, Vitoria
a map of a country
20 Category 1 AC Hotels by Marriott in Spain – Loyalty Traveler Nov 18, 2019.

This link opens my Marriott Bonvoy Category 1 AC Hotels in Spain Google map. You can access the AC hotel website directly when you click on the hotel in the left side menu and then click the Marriott link for the hotel in the box on the map.

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Link for AC Hotel Leon

Many of these hotels are located in cities with fascinating history.

AC Hotel Palacio de Santa Ana Valladolid is the city where Ferdinand and Isabella married in 1469, uniting their respective kingdoms of Aragon and Castile into a unified Spain. The hotel website ranks the property as a 5-star hotel and TripAdvisor reviews rank the hotel #9 of 38 hotels in the city.

AC Hotel Burgos located is the historic capital of the Kingdom of Castile is TripAdvisor ranked #3 of 48 hotels in the city. The Cathedral of Burgos, consecrated in 1260, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

AC Hotel Ponferrada is the #1 hotel of 15 hotels on TripAdvisor. Ponferrada is near Las Médulas, another UNESCO World Heritage Site for being the largest gold mine region of the Roman Empire.

There are some bargain opportunities for travel across Spain using Marriott Bonvoy points for category 1 AC Hotels in many historic cities.

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