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New York JFK to Madeira Island, Portugal $225 round trip winter 2020

TAP Portugal has an incredibly low ticket price at $225 round trip for New York to Madeira Island, Portugal for winter 2020 travel. Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal in the Atlantic located 600 miles southwest of Lisbon. Lowest fare departure dates are February and March. Lower ticket prices around $200 round trip are available through some online travel agencies, while $225 is the ticket price through TAP Portugal and OTA sites like Expedia.

200 TAP Portugal miles reduces the ticket price by $18 for bookings through TAP Portugal website. I picked up 200 miles last year for member enrollment in TAP Miles&Go and earned more TAP miles last summer from hotel stays in Poland.

There are opportunities to book a free overnight layover of 22 hours in Lisbon on the outbound or inbound flights. You can also book with no overnight in Lisbon. While TAP Portugal advertises free stopover options, I had a difficult time finding stopover itineraries that do not raise the fare to over $300 round trip.

TAP Portugal  New York JFK – Lisbon LIS (22 hour overnight layover) – Funchal, Madeira FNC – LIS – JFK

$228.47 round trip (or $210.47 + 200 TAP miles)  Sun March 1 – Mon March 9



  • LuAnne November 17, 2019

    thanks for the post.
    I booked it.
    I enrolled in Taps Miles and Go and received the 200 miles.i did get the reduction of $18 ,still live.
    used the same itinerary.i tried other dates,but ,this worked for me.will position myself flying from MKE-JFK using American miles web specials (5,000)and $5.60 each way.
    madeira island had never been on my radar.after doing a bit of research looks like a cool place to visit. i’m so excited!!

  • Ric Garrido November 17, 2019

    @LuAnne – Glad you are able to take advantage of the deal.

    Madeira is not a place I have visited. As a 5th grade teacher years ago, Madeira came up when I taught students about Portuguese exploration in the early 1400s as a lead-up to Columbus.

    I am interested in hearing about your experiences if you care to share after your trip.

  • LuAnne November 18, 2019

    I will send a trip report when I return from madeira island.
    Thanks again for all the useful information you post it is appreciated.

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