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Aegean Miles+Bonus eliminates SAS Go Light O and T booking codes from miles earning

an airplane wing and land and water
SAS over Denmark

Recent SAS ticket prices from LAX and SFO to Europe posted this week at the lowest I have seen with prices as low as $289 round trip for LAX to Dublin in winter 2020. I was seriously looking to book one of these deals for February 2020 travel. Most low fare tickets I priced showed SAS Go Light T booking code. No issue for me I thought since Aegean Miles + Bonus earns 100% flight miles and elite miles on all SAS deep discount economy booking codes.

Turns out Aegean Miles+Bonus changed their charts for October 2019 to eliminate SAS Go Light economy O and Economy T booking codes from earning miles for Aegean Miles+Bonus members.

I have flown several SAS Go Light tickets in Economy T and Economy O in the past two years. These provided a significant number of Aegean Miles+Bonus elite tier points I earned to qualify for Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold elite status with Star Alliance Gold elite benefits.

Loyalty TravelerHow I earned Star Alliance Gold elite for $1,400 in 15 flight segments (April 4, 2019).

Aegean Miles+Bonus Earn Miles with SAS webpage change
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In Oct 2019 Aegean Miles + Bonus earn miles page added an exclusion for SAS Go Light T and O booking classes. This is real incentive to buy up to SAS Go Smart with one checked bag allowance.


The good news is a FlyerTalk discussion about these recent changes to eliminate SAS Go Light O and T fares from earning Aegean miles is members indicate Go Smart O and T economy class tickets still appear to earn 100% miles.

The ticket price difference for the current SAS fare sale from LAX and SFO to most Europe destinations to upgrade from the lowest price for SAS Go Light economy T booking code tickets at $289 for LAX to Dublin DUB is only $55 more at $344 round trip to book SAS Go Smart T code tickets with the added benefit of one free checked bag included in the fare.

My next SAS ticket for an economy flight from Stockholm and San Francisco will be flown in January with a return flight to Copenhagen in July 2020. I had a sigh of relief when I checked my SAS flights to see they are booked in Go Light economy L booking code and still projected to earn 100% elite and redeemable flight miles.

February 2020 and a cheap SAS GoSmart ticket may still be on when I am working to arrange some days in Zurich, Switzerland.

an airplane wing and land and water
SAS over Denmark


  • kevin whited October 17, 2019

    Thanks for this info.

    I will probably be pursuing *G with Aegean (with some SAS flights) since UA decided to fire cheap elites like me.

    Do you typically book direct with SAS when crediting to Aegean, and does their website allow you to include your Aegean FF# on booking via their website?

  • Para October 17, 2019

    Well, I wouldn’t be so relieved without confirming with SK that booking class L on ticket matches class L in miles accrual.

    Quoting from A3’s website (second note of your screenshot):
    “The booking class indicated on the ticket may not match the class used to count the miles.”

    There are plenty of stories on FlyerTalk from people flying with SK that had an eligible booking class for miles accrual in A3’s M+B, but ended up earning no miles.

  • Ric Garrido October 17, 2019

    @Kevin – Sometimes I book through SAS and other times through an OTA site. Once I purchase an OTA ticket and receive a record locator, then I go to SAS website and enter my Aegean account number and select seats.

    @Para – All my tickets have credited miles based on the booking code shown on my original ticket purchase for every SAS flight I have flown over past 5 years. I will find out in January if anything changes.

  • Roman October 17, 2019

    well they announced this but seems that it was valid few days already! My flew trip on the 23rd & 25th of August was upgraded from Go Light to SAS Plus and it’s still not credited yet… they play game that they still investigating with SAS but waiting almost 7 weeks to get credited, well done Aegean

  • FF October 18, 2019

    Datapoint from today, Oct 17th. I purchased a SAS Go Smart ORD/CPH, and when I got the pdf in the “Itinerary and receipt” email it showed T in the class column, not L as stated above. I speculate they are still making changes, and this may be a temporary tweak. I can ensure it was Go Smart, and that it coded as T. Cancelled the tix, thanks for posting this, saved me from a possible empty run.

  • Henry October 19, 2019

    You are Mixing things up.
    It is not M&B removing it.
    SAS does not want to pay any more.

  • Ric Garrido October 19, 2019

    @FF – my economy L class ticket I will fly in January was purchased in September before the current sale. All the tickets I searched for low fare SFO and LAX flights this week showed economy T class.

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