See Ukraine beyond politics

Nonstop news on Ukraine this past week has me thinking about the two times in the past two years I booked hotel stays in Kiev and ultimately canceled my trip. In 2018 I could not fit Ukraine into my travel itinerary and in 2019 I came down with the flu and canceled my trip to Kiev. I’d still like to travel in Ukraine. Perhaps in 2020.

In the meantime I was checking out a few short Ukraine travel videos on YouTube.

Ukraine in 4K – a film by Gleb Soloviov

Amazing Ukraine – Open for Tourism

Travel and Enjoy Ukraine Now

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  1. Kiev is great the museums and the Ancient Church’s were awesome. Built in 1150 the paintings are still on the wall most have been restored they left up some so you get the idea the way they would still look. The war museums so much to see and do in Kiev.
    Riding the escalators to the sub-way amazing the escalators go on forever. Can’t see the bottom.
    I was lucky I had a personal tour guide. Interesting country was all over there. 13 hours on a slow train from Odessa to Lutsk in the North near Poland.
    Odessa has lot’s of tunnels under the city too. Visited the tunnels used during WWII they lived down there. Miles of of tunnels.

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