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Buy up to 250,000 Choice Privileges points at 30% discount to Sep 17

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Choice Privileges has a special offer for 30% off the $11 per 1,000 purchase price on points through Sep 17, 2019 reducing the price point to $7.70 per 1,000 points. Another aspect of this limited time offer is the annual purchase limit has been increased from 120,000 points to 250,000 points.

There are plenty of good value hotel rate discounts to be found with Choice Privileges points.

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I make sure to always keep 6,000 points in my Choice Privileges account, then it is possible to buy more points for $7.50 per 1,000 with Points Plus Cash reward bookings.

Another Choice Privileges points promotion I analyzed today illustrates the value of having 6,000 points in your Choice Privileges account.

Beaufort Hotel NC, Ascend Collection – PCPELG rate code is a promotional offer for a tote bag and 3,000 points per night, up to 12,000 points.

Assume 12,000 points are a $92.40 value based on the $7.70 per 1,000 points price to buy 12,000 points with this current buy points offer.

a screenshot of a hotel

a screenshot of a hotel

This $932 stay earns 8,270 base points + 9,000 bonus points with the PCPELG rate promotion.

17,270 Choice Privileges are about $133 in points value rebate on $932.45 in spend.

Choice Privileges Buy Points strategy

Beaufort Hotel NC is 20,000 points per night on weekdays and 25,000 points per weekend (Fri-Sat). This same 3-night stay is 25,000 + 25,000 + 20,000 for 70,000 points for the same room type.

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The price to buy 70,000 points is $539 during this sale. There is no tax on reward nights, so simply buying 70,000 points at $7.70 rate saves nearly $400 on this 3-night stay.

Choice Privileges Points Plus Cash strategy

I always try to keep at least 6,000 points in my Choice Privileges account for Points Plus Cash buying opportunities.

Through Sep 17 you can buy 6,000 points for $46.20.

Using Beaufort Hotel again as an example, assume you book a Points Plus Cash stay for Oct 13 for 6,000 points + $105 (to buy 14,000 points for 20,000 points reward night).

a screenshot of a hotel

Cancel the Oct 13 reward night reservation and you get 20,000 points placed back in your account.

You have spent $151.20 for 20,000 points – $46.20 to buy 6,000 points with the 30% off buy points promotion and you pay $105 for 14,000 points.

With 20,000 points in your account, You can now book the entire 3-night stay at Beaufort Hotel for $390 + 18,000 points through a Points Plus Cash reservation.

a screenshot of a hotel schedule

Total spend is $46.20 to buy 6,000 points with the current buy points promotion and $495 buying Points Plus Cash points at $7.50 per 1,000 points for a total spend of $541.20. This startegy is not dependent on the current buy points at 30% off window of buying points by Sep 17. You simply need to have 6,000 Choice Privileges in your account to allow a Points Plus Cash reservation and then buy all the points you need for more nights on points.



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