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Best Western Double Points Asia to Oct 31 in select countries

Best Western Rewards has a double points promotion for Asia on up to 3 hotel stays completed by Oct 31, 2019 at a Best Western branded hotel in Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam. Double points is 20 points per dollar in hotel spend.

$500 in stays earns nearly 10,000 points.

Best Western Rewards nights using points range from 8,000 to 36,000 points. Many of the better hotels range from 16,000 to 28,000 range most of the year. Best Western has offered a redemption promotion for 10,000 points reward nights at any hotel in North America for the past two November to January seasons. I have not heard if that offer will repeat in 2019, but there is potential for a good value discount at many hotels with as few as 10,000 points in Best Western Rewards.

This is a low hanging fruit offer, not a large rebate, but a usable rebate for a hotel stay you might make anyway when traveling around these Asian countries over the next two months.

Thailand beach resorts in and around Phuket

Sep 23-27, 2019 four nights

Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa, Best Western Premier – Phuket, Thailand $121.41 per night or 20,000 points per night.

Patong Beach, Best Western $40.65 or 8,000 points.

Phuket Ocean Resort, Best Western $57.74 or 8,000 points.

The Beachfront, Best Western Plus – Mueang, Thailand $71.41 or 36,000 points per night.

Four Best Western hotels Phuket, Thailand
Best Western Reward rates Phuket, Thailand
Best Western Reward rates Phuket, Thailand

Assume you stay 5 nights at The Beachfront in Mueang and spend $400 in room rates. That $400 stay earns 8,000 Best Western Rewards points with this promotion and sufficient for an 8,000 points reward night at Phuket Ocean Resort valued at $58.

8,000 points for a standard room with $64 flexible rate cancellation policy.