New pages for trip reports and ten years of hotel reviews

I spent the past day creating new pages for Hotel Reviews and Loyalty Traveler Travels trip reports for 2012-2019.

Hotel Reviews are two pages for USA Hotels and International Hotels.

There are dozens more hotel reviews to be added to USA Hotels, especially for California.

Trip Reports I set up by year going back to 2012-13. There are several more trip reports I would like to piece together with their own pages during the years 2008-2013 when I spent many weeks driving across the western states.

Anyway, hope this makes Loyalty Traveler site more user friendly for interested readers.

Hotel Indigo London Leicester Square hallway decor


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Ric Garrido of Monterey, California started Loyalty Traveler in 2006 for traveler education on hotel and air travel, primarily using frequent flyer and frequent guest loyalty programs for bargain travel. Loyalty Traveler joined in 2008.

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  1. @Ric,
    Thanks! This is helpful.
    I used one of your days in Dublin (your Booterstown walk) already. Never would have done that if it wasn’t for your post. And I look forward to using some of your reports for various European locales in the future.
    Your blog is one of my favorites – because it is so useful, practical, and just really interesting!

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