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SAS Economy Go Light San Francisco to Copenhagen flight review

an airplane wing and land and water
SAS over Denmark

This week I flew SAS Scandinavian Airlines from San Francisco to Copenhagen on the return flight of my $477 round trip Oslo to San Francisco Economy Go Light ticket. Originally my plan was to return to Oslo and then fly to Bodo, Norway for a trip to the Lofoten Islands. Our plans changed to travel to Prague and we stayed in Copenhagen for two nights rather than traveling on to Oslo.

The main deal with SAS Go Light is the bags limitation at 8kg for carry-on bag, one personal bag for under seat and no checked bag allowance. No checked bag even applies to Star Alliance Gold members.

Kelley’s bag was a little overweight, but we were able to check-in online and go directly to the gate area when we arrived at SFO. We were in Boarding Group A and even after all the passengers boarded the fully loaded aircraft there was still available overhead bin space. We stored our underseat bags overhead too.

a row of seats in an airplane
SAS Scandinavian Airlines SFO-CPH

This was my fourth long-haul flight of 2019 between SFO and CPH on SAS. The first two flights last March were both miserably warm in the aircraft. The third flight was cold and my flight this week was not too cold and not too hot. I was comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt for the duration of the flight without a blanket.

As usual I planned to watch movies for the flight, but turned out I had seen just about every film, at least the Scandinavian films. I checked out the TV selections and ended up watching episodes 5-8 of an 8-part Danish series Below the Surface, an action hostage thriller drama set in the Copenhagen Metro system. Surprisingly, the show turned out to be watchable when only seeing the second half of the series.

Food service

The main course was chicken and potatoes. Typical airplane food quality with a tasty dessert. Only aspect of SAS Economy dining to note for readers is passengers only receive one complimentary nonalcohol drink for the meal and the drink tends to come 20 to 30 minutes before the meal. Water, tea and coffee are free, but any other drinks during the flight are added buys.

Happy Scandinavian Films

After watching three hours of Below the Surface I passed out for two hours, which for me is a long time sleeping on a plane.

I joke with Kelley about how all the Scandinavian films I watch on Norwegian and SAS are usually depressing films where the main female character always gets screwed over. Scandinavian historical dramas are even worse for women.

a screen shot of a computer
Before the Frost

Før frosten / Before the Frost is another somber Scandinavian film, set in 19th century Denmark, where the woman actually comes out faring well. The men around her are sacrificed for her happiness.

Arrival in Copenhagen

an airplane wing and land in the sky
Over Denmark

We arrived early in Copenhagen. Through passport control at C gates with no-questions-asked passport stamp, a missed exit sign, and a bit of confusion about how to get out of the airport terminal before we found ourselves exiting customs.

A walk straight past the train track doors to the escalator and upstairs to the Metro Copenhagen Airport station. I purchased two 48 hour transportation tickets at 150 DKK each ($23 USD).

About 16 minutes to Norreport Station, the main station in central Copenhagen for mass transit.

a building with a roof
Norreport Station Copenhagen is a main transportation hub for city Metro, bus and S-trains.

From Norreport we picked up the S-train for one stop to Vesterport Station, about 300 meters from Copenhagen’s main train station across the street from Tivoli park.

a building with a sign
Vesterport Station Copenhagen

Comfort Hotel Vesterbro, our hotel destination, is about 6 minutes walk from Vesterport Station.


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