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Miami to Luxembourg and Lisbon $388 round trip TAP Portugal

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Tap Portugal is pricing Miami to Lisbon nonstop flights at $637 round trip. However, fly TAP Portugal to Luxembourg with a 5-night stopover in Lisbon and the price drops to $388 round trip.

TAP Portugal’s website asks if the flyer wants a stopover in either Lisbon or Porto on the outbound or return flight of a round trip ticket search from the USA. In several searches this year I have tried to add a stopover, but the price usually jumps hundreds of dollars. This is one of the first deals I have found to combine a long stopover in Lisbon with a cheap round trip ticket to another European city.

TAP Portugal has Miami to Luxembourg priced as low as $348 round trip without a stopover. In my search I found adding a 5-day stopover in Lisbon on the return only increased the ticket price $40.

Cheap TAP Portugal flights with a long stopover works for other cities too. Miami-London with 4 nights in Lisbon prices at $447.

TAP Portugal   Miami MIA – Lisbon LIS – Luxembourg LUX – Lisbon LIS (5 night stopover) – Miami

$387.87 round trip  Tue Nov 5, arrive LUX Wed Nov 6, fly to Lisbon Fri Nov 8, fly to Miami Wed Nov 13

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There are also $473 tickets Miami to Lisbon on Royal Air Maroc with potential 27 hour layover in Casablanca, Morocco in both directions.

Royal Air Maroc  Miami – Casablanca (27 hours) – Lisbon – Casablanca (27 hours) – Miami

$473.35 round trip  Oct 4 – Oct 13

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