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Norwegian Airlines ‘FRIENDS2019’ promo offers deals like $199 DEN-London one way in July

Norwegian Airlines has a ‘FRIENDS2019’ promotional discount for flights systemwide as far as I can tell. Sample fares are Denver to London LGW for $199.70 one way on Tuesday, July 23. Boston to LGW is $106.30 most dates in November.

There are different end dates for these discounts on different routes. For example Boston to London LGW has discounts into late December, whereas, Denver ends its discount to LGW on October 26.

Bottom line is most routes price lower on many dates using the campaign code ‘Friends2019’. Does not matter if friends2019 is capitalized as FRIENDS2019.

I priced several routes around Europe that also show discount rates with the campaign code.

How to activate Friends2019 campaign code

For USA: Go to

Search for your flight

Be sure to click ‘Show Low Fare Calendar’ to see monthly view of fares.

The images below search Boston to London Gatwick for July fares in Low Fare Calendar View.

Fares shown in image above are non-discounted fares for BOS-LGW in July 2019.

There is a ‘Campaign code’ link below fare calendar. Click on it.

Enter campaign code ‘friends2019’.

Discount prices load into Fare Calendar.

Note: ‘friends2019’ code now appears below fare calendar.

Boston to London LGW fare drops from $179.90 one way to $157.20 one way.

There are all kinds of good deals available with this sale.


  • nsx at FlyerTalk May 29, 2019

    When do you estimate that Norwegian will run out of money and shut down?

  • Ric Garrido May 29, 2019

    I have no investment in Norwegian Airlines. I currently have no tickets with Norwegian Airlines, although I had to look at my itineraries to be certain. I am not worried about their future.

    Hope Ryanair and Wizz Air don’t go bust this summer. My bottom feeding ticket purchases were prices that made Norwegian look like a major alliance airline ticket price.

    I have no concerns about buying a ticket now for travel to or from SFO/OAK on Norwegian for fall travel. If the price and itinerary worked out for my plans.

    Chances are just as good that I will lose $300 ticket value with any other major airline if I need to cancel a trip unexpectedly. Over the years, I’ve lost a lot more money on airline tickets with a change of travel plans or delayed arrival than missing a flight due to airline financial collapse.

    Ticket prices are basically nonrefundable anyway for most tickets I purchase as a flyer.

    I like Norwegian Airlines. Being able to travel from California to Europe with a choice of nonstop flights to several cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, Stockholm for $200 one way on a 787 is consumer friendly. Or from Europe to here.

    Low price one way airline tickets flying Norwegian Airlines as my positioning airline to Europe or back home to California has allowed me to take advantage of several very good low fare airline ticket deals to maintain elite status with a major airline alliance over the past several years.

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