Great Aegean deals for Nov-Mar travel like Lisbon to Athens for €35

Aegean Airlines celebrates 20 years with a 50% off sale through June 4, 2019 for international flights from November 1 to March 28. Offer does not apply for the period from December 19 to January 7. This sale is the real deal for flights around Europe to and from Greece or even simply connecting in Greece.

Sample fares I found:

Lisbon to Athens €35.12 one way Nov 1, 3, 14, 15 with 5 other dates between Nov 1-16 at €40 to €50.

Lisbon to Athens €84.81 round trip Nov 3-18.

London to Athens £42.32 one way Nov 1, 5, 12.

London to Sofia, Bulgaria £69.14 one way Mar 15, 16.

Warsaw to Corfu €111.40 round trip Nov 6-19.

London to Corfu £61.72 one way Nov 8, 12.

Copenhagen to Corfu €58.50 one way Nov 7.

Copenhagen to Rhodes €58.50 one way Nov 7.

Copenhagen to Thessaloniki €58.50 one way Nov 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13.

Stockholm to Thessaloniki €63.12 one way Nov 3.

Many itinerary possibilities with Aegean flights to many cities across Europe.

One of the opportunities here is Aegean uses one way pricing on fares meaning you can do a trip like Lisbon – Athens – Rhodes – Athens – Amsterdam on two one way tickets for Lisbon-Rhodes and Rhodes-Amsterdam.

For eample I was looking at flights from Copenhagen to Heraklion, Crete via Athens for €58.50 one way, then Heraklion to Lisbon for €78.99 one way as a cheap way to pick up 4 Aegean/Olympic flight segments for Aegean Gold elite requalification.

Aegean/Olympic Copenhagen – Athens – Heraklion

€58.50 / $65.15 one way Mon Nov 4, 2019

Aegean/Olympic Heraklion – Athens – Lisbon

€78.99 / $87.97 one way Mon Nov 11, 2019

Aegean 50% Off International Flights Sale


  • Book by June 4, 2019.
  • Flights from 01/11/2019 (Nov 1) until 28/03/2020 (March 28), operated by AEGEAN and Olympic Air.
  • Following period is not included in the offer: 19.12.2019 (Dec 19) – 07.01.2020 (Jan 7).
  • one way and return flights

The offer is valid for:

  • Direct and connecting flights from/to Greek airports to all international destinations.
  • Direct and connecting flights from/to all international destinations to Greek airports.
  • Connecting flights from/to international destinations, through Greek airports, to international destinations.
  • Direct flights from/to Larnaka to Tel Aviv.   

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