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Prince Edward Island hotel deals using Choice Privileges points

Prince Edward Island, Canada is a place I visited on a week long 1,500 mile road trip drive from Amherst, Massachusetts during Memorial Weekend 1993. I had an Isuzu Trooper SUV and celebrated the end of my first year graduate degree studies at UMass Amherst with a generally indeterminate destination road trip north to check out the Maritime Provinces of Canada for the first time. I specifically recall sitting in my car in Shediac, New Brunswick staring at the Atlantic Ocean, feeling like I was truly sitting at the edge of North America.

In Shediac, New Brunswick I had a choice to make. Drive north another 600 kilometers along the coast aiming for the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec or drive 70 kilometers southeast to Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick and take the car ferry to Prince Edward Island.

Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

I chose PEI.

Until writing this article I was unaware the 12.9km Confederation Bridge opened on May 31, 1997 connecting New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Construction of the bridge started October 1993, five months after my ferry trip to PEI in May 1993.

Confederation Bridge connecting New Brunswick and PEI near Cape Tormentine, NB.

Turned out Prince Edward Island was still a month away from real tourist season. Outside of Charlottetown there were few services open.

Hotels were not an option on my grad student travel budget. Just about all my money went to pay for gas. The entire trip I generally slept uncomfortably on the hard corrugated metal in the back of my SUV in a space, when the back seat was folded up, proved just a couple inches shy of allowing me to stretch my legs comfortably.

PEI was bitterly cold and windy. Driving around the island was a contrast of green grass landscapes with sand beaches and sea colors. Beaches and what small towns there were around the island were mostly vacant. Fortunately, this meant plenty of empty parking lots at beaches around the island were available for me to stay as a rough sleeper. Local police never bothered me during my stay.

Choice Privileges points value on Prince Edward Island

My rough sleeper days are behind me now, unless I count long-haul economy class flights in that category.

There are some great hotel deals in Canada using Choice Privileges points through the month of June. Based on my one time experience visiting Prince Edward Island all those years ago, the best value for these hotels is the last half of June when tourist season starts revving up.

Prince Edward Island has three Choice Hotels, all in or around Charlottetown:

Quality Inn & Suites, Cornwall (Charlottetown suburb).

MAY 24, 2019 – JUN 30, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 10000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 12000 /ROOM
JUL 1, 2019 – SEP 15, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 30000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 30000 /ROOM

Quality Inn & Suites Downtown Charlottetown

MAY 24, 2019 – JUN 30, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 12000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 16000 /ROOM
JUL 1, 2019 – SEP 15, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 30000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 30000 /ROOM

Comfort Inn Charlottetown

MAY 24, 2019 – JUN 30, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 16000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 20000 /ROOM
JUL 1, 2019 – SEP 15, 2019:
  • SUN – THU 30000 /ROOM
  • FRI – SAT 30000 /ROOM


Quality Inn & Suites Downtown Charlotteown

Sun June 23 – Fri June 28, 2019

5 nights for a King Bed Suite with kitchenette totals $972.38 CAD / $722.00 USD.

Or 60,000 Choice Privileges points for a 5-night stay.

The cost to buy 60,000 Choice Privileges points this weekend is $462.00 for a room rate savings of $260.00 on this stay.

Basically you can book a $144 USD per night suite in Charlottetown for $93 per night buying Choice Privilege points.

There are deals available at the other two hotels on PEI too.

Loyalty Traveler – Buy Choice Privileges to May 27 for $7.70 per 1,000 points, up to 120,000 points.


  • Bluecat May 24, 2019

    For me, the choice would have been between:

    regular room rate (plus any discounts like AAA)
    points rate
    points + cash rate.

    I would have considered the cost of the taxes, which are not included in the initial rate and which are probably not present in the points rate (but I’m not sure).

    Although it’s fun to see that a suite “upgrade” is “free” here, it’s probably not something I would consider as something of value to me , unless I actually was travelling with 2 or more others.

  • Ric Garrido May 24, 2019

    Taxes are included in the posted paid price. Reward nights do not have tax.

    Points + Cash reward nights are always available when standard reward nights are available.

    If looking only at regular room rate for standard room, then there are plenty of other comparably priced hotels and lodging choices.

    The primary differential added value of Choice Privileges points are hotels where higher category rooms are available for standard points. There will generally be other comparably priced lodging options available if only looking at a basic room.

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