Las Vegas LAS Level Airlines (Iberia) Paris Paris Orly ORY

Level Airlines $219 round trip LAS to Paris Orly Nov-March 2019

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Level Airlines launches nonstop Las Vegas to Paris Orly beginning October 30 with 2x weekly flights on Sunday and Wednesday from LAS to Paris and Paris to Las Vegas.

Currently flights Las Vegas to Paris Orly are priced at $108 (€97) one way and Paris ORY to Las Vegas at $111 (€99) on most dates. Tickets only went on sale yesterday.

Level Airlines baggage rules allow one carry-on bag at 10kg and one under seat personal bag free.

Tickets can be purchased as one-way tickets for positioning flights or round trip.

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Level Airlines Las Vegas LAS – Paris Orly ORY nonstop

$108 / €96.41 one way Wed February 12 19:00 – 14:45 arrival Feb 13

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Level Airlines Paris Orly ORY – Las Vegas LAS  nonstop

$111 / €98.94 one way Wed February 19 14:15 – 17:00 arrival Feb 19

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I flew Level Airlines in June 2017 Oakland to Barcelona.

Loyalty Traveler – Level Airlines $149 one way ticket Oakland to Barcelona trip report.