Wizz Air 20% off all flights book May 2, fly by June 30

Wizz Air has a 20% discount on all flights today only through midnight CET (6pm ET, 3pm PT) for flights through June 30. The price shown is the discounted price.

London Luton LTN to Split, Croatia SPU

50.98 GBP round trip Monday June 17 – Wed June 26

Two tips for Wizz flights:

  1. Buy Priority Boarding for your flight for benefit of taking two carry-on bags in cabin. This is big savings on cost of checked bag.
  2. Join Wizz Discount Club if you think you will buy 3 tickets in 12 months or 2 tickets with checked bag in 12 months. Discount is supposed to be at least 10 EUR on each flight priced 19.99 EUR or higher, but I find it is sometimes lower. 5 EUR discount on checked bag fee. Membership is 29.99 EUR at time of booking a flight, valid for 12 months and applies to companion booked on same reservation. There is also a group membership for member and up to 5 companions for 59.99 EUR.

I renewed my Wizz Discount Club membership this week. Last year I saved 25 EUR on my first two tickets and then ended up buying 9 more Wizz tickets during the 12 months for savings well beyond the 30 EUR annual membership fee.

Wizz Discount Club claims there is a 10 EUR discount on all tickets priced 19.99 EUR, yet the discount is only 6.00 GBP/7.00EUR for this LTN-SPU flight.

Base flight price for London Luton to Split SPU at 20% discount is 31.09 GBP outbound and 19.89 GBP inbound.

This ticket price includes an underseat carry-on bag only. Buying Wizz Priority allows flyer a regular size carry-on bag for cabin bag and priority boarding for earlier access to cabin bin space.

Wizz Priority at 13.00 GBP for a carry-on bag and under seat bag is significantly less than 31 GBP for one 10kg checked bag.

Wizz London Luton to Split, Croatia 88.98 GBP total ticket price for Wizz includes:

  • 50.98 GBP – Wizz flights LTN-SPU round trip
  • 26.00 GBP – Wizz Priority
  • 12.00 GBP – prepaid seat selection

Wizz Discount Club London Luton to Split, Croatia 76.98 GBP total ticket price for Wizz includes:

  • 38.98 GBP – Wizz flights LTN-SPU round trip
  • 26.00 GBP – Wizz Priority
  • 12.00 GBP – prepaid seat selection

Wizz Discount Club provides a 12.00 GBP discount on this London-Split round trip ticket. Savings would be double for two passengers flying on same reservation and nearly cover the cost of Wizz Discount Club annual membership.

Final Wizz pitfall to avoid is in the final payment, where Wizz gives a choice of currency. In my experience the lowest currency price is the currency where the flight originates. For example, this round trip ticket originating in London is priced 76.98 GBP with a choice of paying in Croatian Kuna. However, the exchange rate for 720.50 HRK = 83.46 GBP.

There are some low prices available with this sale. Seeing the sale advertised through a phone text message first thing this morning in California had me regretting I purchased two Wizz tickets two days ago.

Until I looked at my flights to see the 139 PLN / $36.32 per ticket is priced at 184 PLN / $48.08 today at my Wizz Discount Club price, even with the 20% off sale.

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