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The Thief Oslo steals any negative connotation of Choice Privileges

a statue of a person lying on the ground outside of a building
The Thief Oslo

Choice Privileges is a hotel loyalty program that gets little attention from travel bloggers. The Points Guy gives Choice Privileges points a value of $6.00 per 1,000 points. I find that value ridiculously low based on the hotel reward nights I have managed to book over the past five years for around 100 hotel reward nights.

Since I have stayed at hotels like Park Hyatt Chicago and InterContinental Park Lane London, I can confidently state The Thief Oslo, Norway is a similar luxury class hotel category.

Choice Privileges 20,000 points buys a reward night at The Thief. And a night at the The Thief is always priced significantly higher than $120 (TPG 0.6 cents/point).

a building next to water
The Thief, Ascend Collection, Oslo, Norway
a statue of a person lying on the ground
Th e Thief

Aker Brygge

The Thief is located in the Aker Brygge development on the Oslo waterfront that was formerly a shipyard and industrial area. Aker Brygge is one of the most popular areas of Oslo with restaurants, museums, stores, a boat marina and high-end residences. During my previous stay at The Thief a yacht exhibition was happening at the Aker Brygge marina.

a building next to a body of water
Aker Brygge, Oslo
a group of people sitting on a dock next to a body of water
Aker Brygge, Oslo

The Thief Lobby

a room with a large painting and a horse
Lobby reception area at The Thief

The reception desk is located to the right of the cowboy art.

a colorful sculpture in a room
The Thief Oslo lobby art
a glass shelf with bottles on it
Lobby Bar at The Thief
a room with brown chairs and a black wall
The Thief lobby bar seating
a room with a black wall and shelves
The Thief lobby seating
a room with chairs and a fireplace
The Thief lobby bar seating

Room 821

Our room was 821 on the 8th floor of the 9-floor hotel. A key card is required for the elevator.

a poster of a woman
The Thief elevator art winks
a group of chairs in a room
The Thief 8th floor elevator foyer seating and an ice machine is next to the plant.
a door with lights on the wall
The Thief Floor 8
a number on a door
The Thief room 821
a bed with pillows and lamps in a room
The Thief Room 821 bed
a bed with pillows and a bench
The Thief room 821 bathroom next to bed

One night was not sufficient time for me to figure out how to work all the electronics in the room. One of the cool features of the bathroom lights are dimmer switches to keep the lights really low at night with sufficient light to see where to walk in the room, but not so bright to disturb my sleep. Turns out the lights are motion activated and twice during the night when I rolled over in bed the lights went to full brightness forcing me out of bed to dim them again.

The other electronic issue I had was the automatic blind on the windows. I pressed the button and lowered the shade on the windows. Three minutes later the shade automatically retracted again. Gave the button a second close. A few minutes later the blinds automatically opened again. Not sure what was up, but it was not a necessity to have the blinds closed. I simply was pressing buttons on the wall to see what they do.

a tv on a table
The Thief room 821 TV and coffee pod machine with 9 coffee pods.
a desk with a lamp and a box
The Thief room 821 desk
a chair next to a table
The Thief Room 821 seating
a mini fridge with a glass door
The Thief electronic minibar

Electronic mini bar is one of my pet peeves in hotel rooms. At least I had no need to refrigerate anything and there was an ice machine near the 8th floor elevators.

a group of items on a table
The Thief accessories to purchase

Kelley pointed out the hairspray in the drawer available for purchase. Fortunately we had stopped by a Rossman in Prague the day before for a 60 CZK/$2.64 travel size can of hairspray. The Thief would have robbed me of 135 NOK/$15.84 for the hairspray.

a closet with ironing board and swingers
The Thief Room 821 closet items
a door in a room
The Thief 821 room mirrors

The room has a sliding door to access a balcony. One of the highlights of the stay was gazing at lights dotting the hills around Oslo at night.

a view of a city from a high angle
The Thief room 821 balcony view
a glass railing on a building
The Thief balcony view
a view from above of a playground
The Thief balcony view to residential playground below

Room 821 bathroom

The bathroom had both a bathtub and separate rain shower stall with comfortable and large bath towels.

a bathroom with a mirror
The Thief 821 sink
a bathroom sink with a mirror and a sink
The Thief Babor toiletries
a bathtub with a towel on the side
The Thief room 821 bathtub
a toilet in a bathroom
The Thief toilet
a white door in a room
The Thief glass doors to toilet and shower stalls
a shower with a shower head
The Thief Room 821 rain shower
a tile floor with a drain
The Thief shower stall drain
The Thief Floor 2 Breakfast Buffet 

One of my disappointments was our 10am flight meant we had only about 20 minutes to plow through the breakfast buffet, one of the highlights of staying at The Thief.

a round table with a bowl of fire on it
The Thief Floor 2 foyer
a room with a table and chairs
The Thief Floor 2
a restaurant with tables and chairs
The Thief breakfast dining room
a table with plates and utensils in a restaurant
The Thief breakfast room
a group of meats on a table
The Thief breakfast meats and salmon
food on a counter with plates of food
The Thief breakfast grains
a tray of fruit on a counter
The Thief breakfast fruit
a tray of small glass jars with different toppings
The Thief breakfast fruit-yogurt cups
a kitchen with a black counter and lights
The Thief kitchen and hot foods
The Thief 9th Floor viewing deck and bar

My one regret is I did not get to the 9th floor in the evening. We could hear music from our room and I assume it was the roof top bar. The door was locked in the morning when I went to the 9th floor.

a patio with a couch and plants
Roof top lounge on 9th floor.
a close-up of a building
The Thief 9th floor roof top observation deck

The hotel spa has a 12-meter indoor pool and there is a hotel gym free to guests open 24 hours.

The Thief Oslo, Ascend Collection

The Thief is one of the highest rated hotels in Oslo. At time of this post The Thief ranks #3 of 107 Oslo hotels on TripAdvisor.

Lowest rate at time I booked was Nordic Choice Club member rate at 3,220 NOK/$377.54 USD.

20,000 Choice Privileges can currently be purchased for $147 USD until April 22 with Choice Privileges buy points promotion for 50% bonus points. Members can buy up to 75,000 points during this promotion.

Loyalty Traveler - Choice Privileges Buy Points 50% bonus is great deal for many hotels (March 20, 2019).

The Thief – Nordic Choice Hotels

The Thief, Ascend Collection


  • Danny Lee April 11, 2019

    you are absolutely right. thanks to you, i had some great stays in Northern europe using choice points. Hotel 13 at Bergen was really nice for 12k points.


  • IvanY April 11, 2019

    How did you get free breakfast?

  • HHC April 11, 2019

    I think The Thief also offers free tickets to the Astrup Fearnley Museum nearby.

  • Ric Garrido April 11, 2019

    @Ivan Y – breakfast included on Choice Privileges reward nights.

    @Danny Lee – Too bad NO 13 in Bergen changed to Ascend Collection brand. When I stayed there in 2015 the hotel was Clarion Collection and dinner was also provided complimentary at the restaurant in Hotel Oleana around the corner at the 12,000 points reward rate.

  • Christian April 11, 2019

    Rick, you’ve mentioned that many Choice hotels in Scandinavia have dinner included. Is The Thief one of them?

  • Ric Garrido April 12, 2019

    @Christian – Only 48 Clarion Collection brand hotels in Norway and Sweden and one in Latvia offer the evening meal.

    This Nordic Choice Hotels link lists all the Clarion Collection hotels.

    Note: Clarion branded hotels do not offer the evening meal. Must be Clarion Collection and this only applies to the hotels in Scandinavia and Baltics operated by Nordic Choice Hotels.

    Several of the Clarion Collection Hotels around in 2014 when I first went to Norway rebranded to Ascend Collection.

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