Air France - Skyteam Airport Lounges San Francisco SFO

Air France-KLM-Priority Pass lounge SFO International A gates

My last two international flights from San Francisco SFO were United and SAS Scandinavian departing from the International Terminal G gate 96, but the only lounge access I had was via Diners Club at the Air France-KLM lounge in the A gates on the opposite side of the terminal through a separate security checkpoint.

[Article Correction: The original version of this article reversed the A and G Gates at SFO stating Air France was G area and United/SAS in A gates section of SFO. I realized after reading the first two comments about my mistake 6 hours after posting this article that at the time of writing I was sitting in a Copenhagen Airport lounge drinking Carlsberg beer after having only slept 4 hours in the previous 46 hours since I woke up and started traveling from Monterey to Copenhagen to Malmo, Sweden for a restless night with the European spring daylight savings hour leap forward and then back to CPH airport for a flight to Prague. At least I was not performing brain surgery. I plan to sleep in another 6 hours when it is midnight in Prague. ‘Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives and the serious part of frivolous ones.‘ – Sophie Swetchine ]

Made record time in 2 hours from Monterey Airport MRY to SFO, gassed up and dropped off rental car, rode Air Train to the International Terminal A gates, passed through a no line Pre TSA checkpoint and walked into the Air France-KLM lounge feeling like a carefree traveler shining star, all doors opening my way with just-in-time efficiency.

“Sorry sir. The lounge is at capacity and only our flight passengers are being admitted.”

“When will I be able to enter?”

“Please come back at 3:45.”

It was 2:30pm.

SFO Air France-KLM lounge doors at A Gates

There are several lounges just to the left after clearing the SFO International Terminal A Gates security checkpoint, but only the Air France-KLM lounge admits Diners Club and Priority Pass members.

SFO International Terminal A gates lounges

A Wendy’s burger defeated one of the main purposes of arriving early to SFO for lounge food. A bite to eat and leisurely tour of the SFO Museum exhibit Caticons – The Cat in Art used up an hour of my time. One of the highlights of traveling through San Francisco Airport are changing art exhibits in the terminals.

SFO International Terminal – Caticons – The Cat in Art
SFO Émile Gallé Cats 19th century French ceramics ($2,000-$3,000 value).

At 3:30 I returned to be let in to the Air France lounge.

When in the Air France lounge I generally choose Kronenbourg 1664 as my drink of choice.

Kronenbourg 1664

Plenty of other beverages and food items in the main dining room at the back of the lounge.

SFO Air France-KLM lounge wines
SFO Air France lounge liquor
Air France lounge coffee, water, beer fridge
SFO Air France lounge salad bar
Air France lounge meats, cheeses, fruit
Air France lounge sandwiches and grilled veggies

Meatballs, pasta and chicken soup were in covered hot bins.

The lounge is divided into three main areas and one side room.

Air France entry area space
Air France lounge entry area snacks and wine

The main room has more casual seating with cushion chairs and a fireplace. This area is always the most crowded and I don’t ever get a chance for photos without intruding on guests’ privacy.

Air France lounge main room
Air France lounge side room
Air France lounge side room

Two hours in the Air France-KLM lounge allowed me to have a couple of beers and some veggies before heading back across the international terminal to the A gates and my Scandinavian SAS flight to Copenhagen.

Scandinavian SAS A-343

My flight to Copenhagen was my Star Alliance Gold elite qualification flight as an Aegean Miles+Gold member. Next time through SFO will likely be a Star Alliance lounge visit, as long as I am departing on a Star Alliance ticketed flight.




  • Jimmy March 31, 2019

    Ric, isn’t the Air France lounge in terminal A and Star Alliance flights in terminal G? I think you got it backwards.

    And the AF Lounge staff didn’t give you any trouble about not having a flight departing from terminal A. In theory with PP you have to be departing from that terminal.

  • Andy March 31, 2019

    Air France and KLM use the A Pier – NOT G
    Star Alliance carrier SAS has accès to the United Club in Pier G.
    There is no Star-Alliance lounge in the A Pier . The Air France/KLM Lounge is in Pier A.
    If you are business class same day on Star Alliance flight – you can also access the United Polaris Lounge in Pier G

  • Ric Garrido March 31, 2019

    Obviously I got it backwards with Star Alliance at G gates and Air France lounge at A gates. My excuse is 46 hours travel with less than 4 hours sleep.

    I have never had an issue in SFO telling the TSA people I am going to the airport lounge at international A gates because I did not have access to an airport lounge at G gates for my Star Alliance flight.

  • FNT Delta Diamond April 7, 2019

    I’m shocked the Air France lounge at SFO doesn’t serve a real French champagne, but rather a cheaper French non-champagne sparkling wine.

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