Flixbus and Ecolines for cheap European bus travel

This summer I am looking at traveling to cities in Poland and Czech Republic with no airline service. Over the past five years I have used Flixbus and Ecolines for travel across Central Europe and the Baltics where bus service is the fastest and often the cheapest way to travel between many cities in these regions. Many of these buses offer free wifi and seat-back monitors with movies, music and games. Some long distance bus services have an attendant for drink and food purchases.

Finding bus routes from one city to another

Flixbus has a useful feature that allows you to select a city and see all the other cities you can reach from there directly by Flixbus. This proved very useful for me in figuring out how to travel across the western portion of Poland efficiently without too much backtracking. And provided much shorter travel time and distance than train service for places I want to visit.

Flixbus in Czech Republic

Flixbus Route Map

Flixbus Europe route map.

Flixbus Europe route map

Flixbus is a Munich based company that has been swallowing up other regional bus companies like Polskibus in Poland (another bus company I used for several trips) and even operates some USA western states routes. Flixbus has extensive route coverage across most of Europe.

Ecolines Bus Route map

Ecolines Route Map.

Ecolines is based in Riga, Latvia and covers many Eastern Europe locations in the Baltics, Belarus, Ukraine and points in Russia not covered by Flixbus.

Ecolines Route map

A couple other sites I regularly check for planning travel around Europe include:




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  1. Used FlixBus once last year, from Aosta, Italy to Milan only because taking the train required a change and took longer. FlixBus should’ve taken just over 2 hours.

    Instead it arrived 3 hours late with absolutely zero notifications or information even if the bus would ever come. The FlixBus app gave no information except that it was on time. We were all sitting there at the bus stop baffled. Google traffic reported no closures or congestion between the bus’s orgin Lausanne 2 hours to the north. The telephone agents I contacted had no idea where their own bus was! Once the bus did roll in, the driver with no apologies whatsoever let us all in and then he went out on a half-hour smoking break. Classy.

    A two hour bus ride turned into a 5 1/2 oddessy of frustration.

    It’s hard to like a company that failed you the one time you used it.

  2. That is how I feel about Spirit Airlines when the only time I flew them I went to Denver and my luggage went to Dallas or Miami.

    Flixbus has worked for me many times when I had to get to a city to catch my flight home. I’ve been lucky with no problems.

  3. I had two similar ordeals with Flixbus. After they swallowed many other bus companies, they essentially have a monopoly over certain regions. So their customer service went down the drain.

    I did use Polskibus before and liked it. Too bad that they are now Flixbus.

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