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SFO and LAX to Europe summer airfare deals for August travel

Peak season for airline ticket prices between California airports to Europe is mid-June to early August. If you can travel to Europe starting in the last week of July and first week of August, then you have the dual benefit of cheaper airfare and summer weather.

Fare differences between June, July and August are illustrated below with Google Flights fare maps for a two week trip from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Lowest fares in June depart the first week of June. Lowest fares in July depart last week of the month for trips mostly in August. And lowest fares in August for many places depart last week in August for partly September trip.

Los Angeles to Europe Flexible Dates 2 weeks trip in June

$570 LAX-Inverness, UK American/British Airways (June 1-15)

$596 LAX-Madrid Norwegian (June 3-17)

$619 LAX-London LHR United (June 2-16)

$634 LAX-Oslo American/British Airways (June 3-16)

$640 LAX-Inverness British Airways (June 16-30)

$655 LAX-Stockholm Swiss (June 2-16)

$658 LAX-Dublin American/British Airways (June 1-14)

Google Flights LAX to Europe June
Los Angeles to Europe Flexible Dates 2 weeks trip in July

$346 LAX-Barcelona United (July 29-Aug 14)

$419 LAX-Oslo Swiss $419 (July 29-Aug 14)

$534 LAX-Inverness Delta/KLM (July 29-Aug 14)

$541 LAX-London LHR United (July 29-Aug 13)

$544 LAX-Stockholm Lufthansa (July 28-Aug 10)

$626 LAX-Madrid Norwegian (July 29-Aug 14)

Google Flights LAX to Europe July
Los Angeles to Europe Flexible Dates 2 weeks trip in August

$333 LAX-Barcelona Delta (Aug 12-28)

$391 LAX-Madrid Delta (Aug 5-21)

$392 LAX-Copenhagen Finnair (Aug 11-26)

$399 LAX-Stockholm Finnair (Aug 11-26)

$400 LAX-Helsinki SAS (Aug 30-Sep 14) *Note: Mar 21 is last day of current SAS sale

$400 LAX-Stockholm Finnair (Aug 11-27)

$460 LAX-London American/British Airways (Aug 26-Sep 10)

$498 LAX-Amsterdam SAS (Aug 23-Sep 5)

$501 LAX-Edinburgh SAS (Aug 23-Sep 5)

$529 LAX-Rome Norwegian (Aug 12-28)

$594 LAX-Lisbon SAS (Aug 23-Sep 5)

$598 LAX-Frankfurt SAS (Aug 22-Sep 4)

Google Flights LAX to Europe August

A similar pattern is seen for flights from San Francisco. A look at low fares for July pulls up lowest ticket prices for a 2 week trip departing in the last days of the month for a mostly August trip.

San Francisco to Europe Flexible Dates 2 weeks trip in July

$561 SFO-Paris Air France (Jul 29-Aug 13)

$564 SFO-Copenhagen Air France (Jul 29-Aug 14)

$610 SFO-Oslo, Norway Delta/KLM (Jul 29-Aug 14)

$614 SFO-Bergen, Norway Finnair (Jul 29-Aug 14)

$626 SFO-Barcelona United (Jul 29-Aug 14)

$634 SFO-Stockholm Air France (Jul 29-Aug 14)

$638 SFO-Rome Delta (Jul 27-Aug 12)

Google Flights SFO to Europe July

A few other deals for August 2019 travel

$426 SFO-London American (Aug 18-Sep 3)

$450 SFO-London United (Aug 18-Sep 3)

$565 SFO-Amsterdam SAS (Aug 22-Sep 5)

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