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Choice Privileges Buy Points 50% bonus is great deal for many hotels

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Choice Privileges is the hotel loyalty program I used the most for my European travels in 2018. In January, I posted a chart of my 22 reward nights at Choice Hotels spending 226,000 points for rooms with lowest published room rates of $4,398 for the 22 nights.

Choice Privileges currently has the best buy points sale I recall with 50% bonus points when buying 30,000 or more points. Members can buy up to 50,000 points in a calendar year. The regular price for points is $11.00 per 1,000 points. This sale with 50% bonus points means you can buy 45,000 to 75,000 points at $7.33 per 1,000 points.

Lower amounts of purchased points have smaller bonus points

5,000 to 9,000 points = 20% bonus = $9.17 per 1,000 points.

10,000 to 19,000 points = 30% bonus = $8.46 per 1,000 points.

20,000 to 29,000 points = 40% bonus = $7.86 per 1,000 points.

30,000 to 50,000 points = 50% bonus = $7.33 per 1,000 points.

A Choice Privileges member can buy 75,000 points for $550. A couple can each buy 75,000 Choice Privileges points for $1,100. Picking up 150,000 Choice Privileges points can result in major hotel rate savings depending on where you plan to travel.

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Four things to know about Choice Privileges points
  1. Reward nights can only be booked 100 days in advance of your stay date. This is actually a significant improvement in the program in the past year. Before the change, a general member could only book within 30 days for their home region (USA-North America) and 60 days for international hotels.
  2. Choice Privileges rates change seasonally. The current seasons are today to April 15, April 16-June 30, July 1-Sep 15. You can look at any specific hotel’s homepage, scroll to the bottom and see seasonal reward rates.
  3. Whenever there is standard reward night availability, the member has the option to book the same room for 6,000 points + cash to cover the remaining points cost purchased at time of booking for $7.50 per 1,000 points. This is how I book most of my reward stays since I always seem to run out of Choice Privileges points each year.
  4. Some hotels have higher category rooms available at standard reward rates.

Choice Privileges Seasonal Rates for La Malmaison, Ascend Collection, Nice, France

La Malmaison, an Ascend Collection hotel in Nice, France illustrates three of the points I made above.  Seasonal rates change and weekend rates are different from weekday rates.

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Choice Privileges Seasonal Rates La Malmaison, Nice, France

Several room types at this hotel are available to book as reward nights. I show these as Points Plus Cash rates for June 11 at 6,000 points + $45 or pay 12,000 points. I tend to book Points Plus Cash rates to conserve my points.

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  • 1 Queen Bed or 2 Single Beds = $193
  • 1 Queen Bed or 2 Single Beds Executive Room = $222
  • 3 Single beds = $242

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A 4-night reward stay would cost 48,000 points, which you can buy during this 50% bonus points sale for $352. That is a huge savings on the $888 paid rate for a Queen Bed Executive Room. [Note: this hotel is actually not available for a 4-night reward stay on points during those dates].

The other point is the 100 days advance booking window for reward nights, meaning June 28 is the latest check-in date a reward stay can be booked today on March 21. But you can book a reward stay extending past June 28, for example, June 28-July 4.

Buy Points Promotions – Bonus Points vs. Discount Points

Choice Privileges ran a 30% discount on points in January when buying 5,000 or more points. That promotion reduced the cost of points to $7.70 per 1,000 points. I purchased 5,000 points during that sale to make the upcoming April 2019 reservations I wanted. I have 8 nights booked at 3 different Choice Hotels in 3 different countries in Europe spending 76,000 points for our next trip.

Lowest published room rates for the 3 hotels for 8 nights = $1,055.

This sale allows the purchase of 75,000 points for $550. These are the kinds of deals that make Choice Privileges one of my favorite hotel loyalty programs.

My last Choice Privileges reward night was Stockholm Clarion Hotel Sign two weeks ago for 10,000 points when the lowest published room rate was $192 USD.

Loyalty Traveler - Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm a transit stay 10K per night deal (March 14, 2019).

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Loyalty Traveler - Choice Privileges 8,000 points for 2 stays Feb 26-Apr 26 (Feb 21, 2019).

Loyalty Traveler - Choice Privileges 2018 $4,400 in reward stays for $1,123 in points (Jan 28, 2019).


  • Tom March 20, 2019

    How does this pricing compare to daily getaways pricing?
    Is it worth waiting for an even lower price

  • Darlene March 20, 2019

    Same question as @Tom

  • GUWonder March 20, 2019

    Daily Getaways pricing can bring the cost of points down into the $40-60 range for 10,000 points, if not better at times.

  • Darlene March 20, 2019

    Can one max out points purchase with Choice & still buy points in the Daily Getaways?

    Is it easy to buy points in the Failey Getaways or do you have to be ready to purchase immediately and be lucky like with some very popular offerings?

  • Ric Garrido March 20, 2019

    Tom & Darlene –

    Average price for Choice Privileges points in 2018 Daily Getaways
    Choice Privileges Daily Getaways offers

    $265 = 55,000 Choice Privileges Points = $4.82 per 1,000 points; QTY: 800

    $205 = 42,000 Choice Privileges Points = $4.88 per 1,000 points; QTY: 1048

    $144 = 28,000 Choice Privileges Points = $5.14 per 1,000 points; QTY: 1571

    $80 = 14,000 Choice Privileges Points = $5.72 per 1,000 points; QTY: 3143

    I purchased 2 sets of 42,000 ($410) and 2 sets of 28,000 points ($288) for 140,000 points ($698) the day of the initial sale.

    There were unsold packages of Choice Privileges points at the lower levels. Daily Getaways places unsold items on a separate page and they remain on the website for purchase through the end of five weeks of Daily Getaways sales.

    I purchased 2 sets of 14,000 points for $160 several days later. That put me up to 168,000 points for $858 or $5.11 per 1,000 points.

    Then, 10 days later, the remaining Choice Privileges points unsold packages were repackaged as 55,000 points packages for $265 and I was able to buy another 55,000 points ($265).

    In April 2018 I ended up buying 223,000 Choice privileges points for $1,123 or $5.04 per 1,000 points.

    2017 was a different story
    Higher points packages go quickly. In 2017 I was only able to buy 36,000 points of a potential 256,000 points available as a maximum purchase.

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