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Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm a transit stay 10K per night deal

a building with many windows

Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm is one of two hotels in Sweden’s capital city available for 10,000 Choice Privileges points. The hotel is within a few hundred meters of Arlanda Express, central train station and Flygbussarna airport transportation making this hotel a convenient location for a transit through Stockholm. This also means a $75 hotel room in the city is accessible through the purchase of Choice Privileges points with PointsPlusCash bookings.

a low angle view of a building
Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm

Stockholm is frequently the lowest priced airline ticket for travel between California and Europe. Major carriers in all three alliances and low cost carriers like Norwegian make Stockholm an easy travel base for travel all over Europe. Many low cost carriers operate from Stockholm to destinations across Europe.

Clarion Hotel Sign is a hotel I have stayed at many times over the past three years. Stockholm is my most frequently ticketed origin or destination due to cheap ticket prices.

Last week I flew into Stockholm Skavsta NYO, 100 km southwest of the city and an 80 minute, 139 SEK/$15 Flygbussarna bus ride to Stockholm Central Station. Clarion Hotel Sign is about a 5 minute walk from the spot where the bus stops in Stockholm.

a plane with a glass door
Wizz Air $16 all-in ticket price Warsaw Chopin WAW-Stockholm Skavsta NYO
a truck parked in front of a building
Stockholm Skavsta Airport NYO
a bus with doors open
Flygbussarna Stockholm NYO to Stockholm City
a man walking into a building
Stockholm City Terminalen bus station doors from street to terminal

Once inside City Terminal where there are markets and cafes, walk right and follow signs to Metro and down the escalator. Turn left again on the lower floor and walk through Arlanda Express train ticket terminal and out to the street. Once outside,walk left hugging the building sidewalk for about 250 meters parallel to the train tracks to Clarion Hotel Sign.

a group of people in a building
Stockholm Cityterminalen train-metro sign.
people in a building
Stockholm citycentralen. Ground level one floor lower and exit to left
a sign outside of a building
Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm
a building with many windows
Clarion Hotel Sign seen on a sunnier day
a sign on a glass door
Kitchen & Table Restaurant Norrmalm – Selma City Spa 8th floor


a white rectangular desk with a white rectangular table with a white rectangular table with a black text on it
Clarion Hotel Sign Self Check-In and Checkout kiosks

While there is self check-in, the receptionist was available and personably engaged me to check in with her. A key to room 902 put me in a higher location than I usually stay at the 10-floor hotel.

The bank of four elevators are a unique feature to the hotel.

a elevator doors in a building
Clarion Hotel Sign elevators
a computer screen with music images
Clarion Hotel Sign Elevator Music CDs
a black and silver device with knobs and buttons
Clarion Hotel Sign elevator
Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm Room 902
a number on a wood surface
Clarion Hotel Sign room 902
a room with a bed and chairs
Clarion Sign 902 room

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning ‘just the right amount’ and Scandinavian design of rooms at Clarion Hotel Sign has a kind of Nordic zen for simplicity with all you need.

a chair next to a piano
Clarion Hotel Sign room luggage rack folds out from wall
a park with trees and buildings in the background
Stockhom Norra Bantorget, Norrmalm

The square out front is the historic working class gathering place for the start of demonstrations. May 1 ‘May Day’ is still an annual active gathering here from what I have read.

a bed with a black pillow and two white lamps
Clarion Hotel Sign double bed
a bed in a room
Clarion Hotel Sign wall tv
a shelf with a iron and cups on it
Clarion Hotel Sign coffee/tea, iron, hotel guide book
a mini fridge with bottles of beer and soda
Clarion Hotel Sign minibar refrigerator
a coat rack and a coat on a shelf
Clarion Hotel Sign ironing board

The photo above shows cabinet doors closed on the left. Coffee-tea and iron are behind upper door and lower door is minibar refrigerator. Jacket is my Colombia rain coat.

a bathroom with a shower
Clarion Hotel Sign shower
a bathroom with a mirror and towels
Clarion Hotel Sign towels
a bathroom with a toilet and sink
Clarion Sign toilet
bottles on a bar
Clarion Hotel Sign Rituals bath products
a group of tags on a white wall
Clarion Hotel Sign 95 SEK continental breakfast/145 American
Clarion Hotel Sign Complimentary Breakfast

One of the differences between continental and American breakfast is no vegetables for Americans.

An observation I generally make in Stockholm are healthy eating habits and exercise give most people a pretty good look.

a table with plates of vegetables and a spoon
Clarion Hotel Sign breakfast buffet vegetables
a row of plates with different types of meats
Clarion Hotel Sign breakfast meats
a group of bread in wooden crates
Clarion Hotel Sign breads
a group of containers of food
Clarion Hotel Sign jams

Yogurts, cheeses, milk and lactose free milk in abundance are more of the buffet table selections. Eggs and bacon/sausages are available too with a variety of juices and fruits. Pancakes are a common meal item in Scandinavia.

a wall with many writing on it
Clarion Hotel Sign breakfast room counter covers during day time.
a room with a window and a shelf
Clarion Hotel Sign breakfast area with view of glass elevators
a room with a table and chairs
Clarion Hotel Sign Kitchen & Table
a restaurant with tables and chairs
Clarion Hotel Sign Kitchen & Table
a bar with chairs and a counter
Clarion Hotel Sign Kitchen & Table bar
a room with tables and chairs
Clarion Hotel Sign bar seating
a group of chairs around a table
Clarion Hotel Sign bar seats
Clarion Hotel Sign Selma Spa and Pool

The final part of the hotel is the 8th floor spa and pool. There is also a 2nd floor fitness room, however, I skipped that space on this stay.

a group of plants on a deck
Clarion Hotel Sign outdoor heated pool on 8th floor
a bar with wine glasses from the ceiling
8th floor bar and food

Food and drink is available in the spa lounge. In warmer weather there is also an enclosed and covered rooftop bar.

a glass window with a couch and a table
Clarion Hotel Sign Rooftop Bar – 8th floor
a couch and table on a deck
Clarion Hotel Sign rooftop bar
a group of black chairs in a room
Clarion Hotel Sign 8th floor seating

Along the hallway to the pool are spa treatment rooms, relaxation area, and bathrooms.

a long hallway with white towels
Clarion Hotel Sign 8th floor hallway past spa to pool
a group of plants on a deck
Clarion Hotel Sign outdoor heated pool

A woman swimming in the pool kept me from getting closer photos.

a walkway with a glass fence
Clarion Hotel Sign Pool Deck

Clarion Hotel Sign abuts up to the train tracks into Central Station.

a train on the tracks
Clarion Hotel Sign view to Stockholm Central Station
a building with many windows
Clarion Hotel Sign pool deck view to back sides of hotel

In all my stays at Clarion Hotel Sign I have only been in a park facing room in the front of the hotel.

a view of a building from a window
Clarion Hotel Sign view of Rooftop Bar from stairs to 9th floor
a sign on a roof
Clarion Hotel Sign
Clarion Hotel Sign Stockholm

Clarion Hotel Sign is one of the best deals in Stockholm when redeeming Choice Privileges points. The price to buy 10,000 points is $75 when purchasing points through Choice Privileges Points Plus Cash reservations. Points purchased at the price of $7.50 per 1,000 points through Points Plus Cash bookings are returned to your account if the reward stay is canceled.

This hotel is regularly over $150 per night. The room rate for the date of my stay was 1,790 SEK/$192.

Unlike Choice Privileges seasonal reward rates changing every few months for most of the 6,000+ hotels worldwide, the 200 hotels in Nordic Choice Privileges are stable rates that infrequently change. Clarion Hotel Sign and Clarion Hotel Stockholm have both been 10,000 points per night for the past four years.

a building with many windows at night
Clarion Hotel Sign at dusk


  • ABC March 14, 2019

    For singles or couples I agree that Clarion Hotel Sign is one of the best deals in central Stockholm when redeeming points in general. Traveling with family I tend to stay at Scandic, you can squeeze 4 in a room and breakfast is included.

    What happened to travel out of Florida rental deals this spring?

  • Ric Garrido March 14, 2019

    Have not even thought about Florida for this year. My trip to Europe for the Aegean Gold elite status was my splurge solo trip. And heading back to Europe in a few weeks.

    Need to save money for May’s Daily Getaways sales when I plan to restock hotel points for the rest of the year’s travel. Best Western, Choice and Hilton are in my plans. I need sufficient points to cover 5 or 6 weeks in hotels for 2018 and early 2019 travel. Right now only IHG Rewards Club is a program where I have a good supply of hotel points available.

  • Cori March 17, 2019

    I just made a couple of bookings on points for the Clarion Collection hotels in Sweden this week, and for some strange reason none of the points were deducted from our accounts even though at the last page of the booking process, it said the points would be deducted. All of the reservations were confirmed too and we received confirmation emails also. Have you experienced this issue with Choice reward booking previously?

  • Ric Garrido March 18, 2019

    @Cori – not that I recall. This is common for Best Western Rewards. Generally points deduct immediately for my Choice reservations and post back immediately when I cancel a reservation.

    I have booked a couple of hotel stays using Choice privileges points in Sweden in the past month.

    I would not worry as long as you have reservation confirmation emails.

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