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Wizz Air launch Krakow, Poland base with 12 routes April 2019

Wizz Airlines will open flight operations from Krakow, Poland in April 2019 with 12 new routes to 9 countries. New routes start in April, but some routes, like Oslo, do not start until September 2019.










This is an exciting development for me since I seem to find myself in Krakow once or twice a year over the past few years. Several of these new Wizz destinations interest me, especially Kutaisi, Kiev, Nice and Oslo.
Seems every time I fly Wizz Airlines, four times in the past year and as recently as six hours ago, I read an intriguing article in their inflight magazine about Kutaisi, Georgia.
Nice is a great arrival location for exploring cities along the French Riviera.
My wife adamantly says she does not want to go to Ukraine. Well, I can test her reluctance when I dangle a $28 ticket at her and dare her to stay in Krakow on her own while I finally visit Ukraine.
I have booked hotel stays in Kiev two times in the past year and then canceled them when my plans changed to another destination.
July 10 Krakow to Kiev $27.54 one way  with Priority Boarding
Wizz Discount Club and Priority Boarding fee are good deals
The deal with Wizz Airlines is priority boarding for this ticket is $6usd, which allows one carry-on bag and one underseat bag. Traveling with a small roll aboard and backpack is the way I fly.
Wizz Discount Club for 29.99 EUR tends to pay for itself with two flights in a year of membership, especially if you need a checked bag.
I take my chances with seat assignments.
I was in a middle seat today on a 90 minute Wizz Air flight Warsaw to Stockholm Skavsta NYO that cost me $16 all-in. My free seat roulette did not deal me a winning number for a window or aisle this spin. The weather was cloudy, so no good photo opportunities from the window anyway and I did not desperately need a toilet during the flight as the woman in the aisle slept.
Just be sure to download the Wizz Air app and check-in before airport arrival to get your mobile boarding pass or print it out. Wizz will charge you 35EUR or so if you arrive at the airport without a boarding pass.
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