Amsterdam AMS

Amsterdam Sweets Hotel with 28 Bridge houses

One night in Amsterdam last month I snapped a photo of a hotel room located in a canal bridge house outside de Hortus, Amsterdam’s botanical garden opened in 1638.

SWEETS hotel Amsterdam-Hortusbrug/De Hortus bridge house.

SWEETS hotel Amsterdam is a unique hotel concept based on reconversion of historic Amsterdam bridge houses located on canals. There are 28 Bridge Houses in different locations around Amsterdam in Sweets Hotel.

Bridge house room rates start at 140 to 160 EUR per night and are not cheap lodging.

SWEETS hotel Amsterdam – AMSTELSCHUTSLUIS Bridge House (1673) shown lists at €1,200.

These rooms seem a bit too exposed and on the street for me, although it looks to definitely be a one-of-a-kind city stay experience.

You may want to pack earplugs for the night.