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SFO to Zurich $322 Oneworld Feb-May, Sep-Dec

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Oneworld airlines offer flights from San Francisco to Zurich as low as $322 round trip for travel Sunday-Tuesday outbound for departures late February to early May and then again from early September into December 2019. This is a carry on only Economy Light fare.

There are many flight options with American Airlines and British Airways. Finnair looks appealing due to a connection in Helsinki rather than Philadelphia or London, however, the 40 minute connection time in Helsinki seems like a high probability of a missed flight. Perhaps an opportunity for a free stopover in Helsinki.

Finnair  San Francisco SFO – Helsinki HEL – Zurich ZRH – Helsinki HEL – SFO

$321.83 round trip  Monday May 6 – Wed May 15

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  • Andreww January 23, 2019

    If one missed such a connection, through no fault of ones own — in general, not just finnair and Helsinki, what do the airlines do for you. Is it usually next flight on the same airline , which could be same day or days until a seat is available (or sufficicient seats if one is mom and dad traveling with very young children) , with no charge for that, and also no further compensation such as meals or hotel room?

    What if the missing of the flight is due to being held up in immigration as a new immigrant or as a visitor to a country? I am thinking in Vancouver, coming from Asia , connecting to a very short flight to Victoria — not yet ticketed, long connection time, any missed flight undesirable and unintentional but conceivable. Would one get a note from the friendly and welcoming civil servants cum law enforcement who do the welcoming in our kind, kind world?

  • Ric Garrido January 24, 2019

    @Andreww – I had to spend two nights in Florida earlier this month when I missed our flight connection to Dallas DFW on a 95 minute transfer time and a combination of a late arrival and a long passport control line blew through the 95 minutes. There were no available seats with American Airlines for 48 hours.

    I normally pay close attention to transfer times between flights and make sure to allow lots of time when I have to make the flight. I had predicted we might get stuck in Florida, but I did not think it would be for two days.

    As a USA traveler I would not go for a 40 minute transfer in Helsinki unless I was prepared to overnight in Helsinki.

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