Australia Brisbane BNE Cairns CNS Los Angeles LAX Melbourne MEL Sydney SYD

LAX to Australia $669 Feb-Nov all alliances

Tickets from LAX to many cities in Australia, from Melbourne to Cairns, are on sale for $660 to $700 for most of 2019 with multiple airlines. Low fare departures start in February and run through end of schedule in November 2019 with American, Qantas, Delta, Virgin Australia and United nonstop flights to several destinations. July is the month with the least low fare dates, but still some availability in the latter part of the month.

San Francisco to Australia is about $70 more round trip.

June 19-July 2, 2019 LAX-Australia round trip ticket prices $667 Melbourne, $669 Sydney.

Qantas Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – Brisbane BNE – Los Angeles LA nonstop flights

$668.73 round trip  Wed July 24 – Thu August 8, 2019

LAX-Brisbane $669 Qantas nonstop flights July 24-Aug 8, 2019.

United Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – Sydney SYD – LAX nonstop flights

$668.93 round trip Tue June 18 – Wed July 3, 2019

Virgin Australia  Los Angeles LAX – Brisbane BNE – Cairns CNS – Melbourne MEL (20 hr layover) – LAX

$703.13 (Virgin Australia website)  Tue March 5 – Sun March 17

Priceline $705.43 ticket displayed solely due to easier to read format. Virgin Australia website has same flights at lower price.