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Low $300 one way July fares SFO to many cities in Europe (and back)

There is a great opportunity to lock in low fares for a summer trip from San Francisco to any of more than a dozen cities around Europe with low one way fares from TAP Portugal on their new SFO-LIS flights launching June 10, 2019. An interesting feature of these deals is a round trip ticket is about $100 more than buying two one way tickets to fly somewhere in Europe one-way and a separate one way ticket back.

Nonstop flights SFO to Lisbon are priced around $380 one-way as the low fare in June and July. The real deal is ticketing TAP Portugal for a summer flight beyond Lisbon to one of the many cities around the continent priced as low as $279 one way for June and July dates.

Another real deal I see is the option to fly one way from several cities across Europe back to San Francisco for around $300 one way. Flying to Europe in June, July or August with TAP Portugal can be ticketed for less than $600 round trip with many city options for open-jaw itineraries. This is a rare instance of two TAP Portugal one-way tickets priced lower than a round trip TAP Portugal ticket to one destination.

Fly Norwegian SFO to LGW one way and you travel to Europe in July 2019 for $180 outbound and $300 back from another city on TAP Portugal for a sub-$500 July 2019 trip. That is an amazing summer fare opportunity.

San Francisco one way flight prices for Sunday June 30, 2019

The large number of cities on sale makes an open-jaw flight itinerary a great deal with several combinations of flights. the price for return flights ranges from $300 to $450 depending on city, so it is good to check out the one way flight price to SFO from different cities to find lower prices.

Paris $241 XL Airways

London $270 Norwegian (several $180 one way SFO-LGW dates for July travel).

Amsterdam $279 TAP Portugal

Barcelona $279 TAP Portugal

Madrid $279 TAP Portugal

Milan $279 TAP Portugal

Paris $279 TAP Portugal

Rome $279 TAP Portugal

Berlin $304 TAP Portugal

Copenhagen $304 TAP Portugal

Frankfurt $304 TAP Portugal

Geneva $304 TAP Portugal

Hamburg $304 TAP Portugal

Malaga $304 TAP Portugal

Munich $304 TAP Portugal

Nice $304 TAP Portugal

Prague $304 TAP Portugal

Venice $304 TAP Portugal

These are just some of the cities at low fares for one date in late June. Low fares are available on many dates in June, July and August.

June 30, 2019 one way flight prices SFO to Europe on Google Flights Dec 17, 2018.

Here is an example of an open-jaw flight itinerary using two one way TAP Portugal tickets to fly SFO to Amsterdam on Sunday June 30 and return Hamburg to SFO on Tue July 15 for $571 round trip.

TAP Portugal  San Francisco SFO – Lisbon LIS – Amsterdam AMS

$278.78 one way on Orbitz Sunday June 30, 2019

TAP Portugal Hamburg HAM – Lisbon LIS – San Francisco SFO

257.58 EUR ($291.98 USD) Tuesday July 15, 2019

TAP Portugal advertises a free stopover in Lisbon, however, I was unable to find these same low fares when attempting to add a Lisbon stopover. In every itinerary I tried the price went up about $100 on the one-way fare.

San Francisco to Europe in summer 2019 looks like a great deal right now with TAP Portugal.



  • S. December 20, 2018

    Ric – it looks like TAP Portugal will be flying the Airbus 330neo between LIS-SFO. Might be fun to try out a new plane while taking advantage of the sale!

  • Ric Garrido December 21, 2018

    @S. – I am hoping these ticket prices last into January when I will be ready to book summer 2019 travel.

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