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Good Deal! Buy Radisson Rewards points $3.50 per 1000, ends Nov 27

Radisson Rewards has a great 100% buy points promotion through November 27, 2018 dropping the cost from the regular $7.00 to $3.50 per 1,000 points. Members can buy a maximum 80,000 points during this limited time offer. This is the lowest price Radisson Rewards has sold points.

Buy Points 100% Bonus through Nov 27, 2018 = $3.50 per 1,000 points.

Personally I find this a price point where getting good hotel reward value is not a problem. The links show hotels around the world in that Radisson Rewards hotel category.

Category 1 = 9,000 points = $31.50

Category 2 = 15,000 points = $52.50

Category 3 = 28,000 points = $98.00

Category 4 = 38,000 points = $133.00

Category 5 = 44,000 points = $154.00

Category 6 = 50,000 points = $175.00

Category 7 = 70,000 points = $245.00

While Radisson Rewards has several category 7 hotels where $245 in points will be a good discount on the published rate, my interest is not in buying one night at a luxury hotel.

Category 2-4 hotels are the sweet spot for me. There are very few category 1 hotels left after last year’s reward category shifts. That is why I made sure to keep my June 2018 reservations for Lithuania staying in Business Class upgrade rooms at 50% more points at Park Inn Kaunas (category 1) and Radisson Blu Klaipeda (category 2). Park Inn Kaunas cost 13,500 points per night and Radisson Blu Klaipeda was 22,500 points. Both hotels went up a category in 2018.

Still, there are some hotels where I see great value with Radisson Rewards points at $3.50 per 1,000 points.

Here are a couple of examples where I find Radisson Rewards points useful.

Radisson Blu Budapest category 2 at 15,000 points


A $90 room night for $52.50 is one way to look at this deal. But I don’t generally compare the cost to buy points to advance purchase room rates since a points reservation made now for summer 2019 can be canceled with no points penalty.

Plus, I am looking for hotels where I can upgrade to a better Business Class room with breakfast included for travel with my wife.

The price for a Business Class upgrade is 22,500 points ($78.75) for a $170 room night at Radisson Blu Budapest.

Another good use of points I had with Radisson Rewards points is staying in Prague last year over New Year’s Eve for 3 nights at 84,000 points.

I booked that same deal at Park Inn Prague for this New Year’s Eve, but ended up changing my plans.

84,000 points for a hotel in Prague over New Year’s Eve is a great deal.

I ended up finding another great deal using points in a different loyalty program for a different city for a New Year’s Eve stay.