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Analysis Hyatt Points+Cash Category 3 and 4 hotels

Hyatt Points + Cash reward rates changed November 1, 2018 to make the copay 50% of the Best Available Rate (non-discounted flexible cancellation rate). In general, this change makes most hotel reward nights using Points + Cash rates higher priced for the cash payment. There was no change to the points required, which are 50% of the Hyatt Standard Reward Rate.

World of Hyatt Points + Cash rates since Nov 1, 2018.
Former Points + Cash table eliminated November 1, 2018.

In a previous post I looked at the effect of Hyatt’s Points+Cash reward changes to the 50% BAR cash payment compared to the previous Points+Cash rate for a Category 1 and a Category 2 hotel reward night. The main takeaway is a standard reward night provides the better redemption value compared to Points+Cash reward nights.

In this post I examine the effect on Points + Cash reward nights for two hotels in Category 3 and Category 4.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver, British Columbia – World of Hyatt Category 3

Standard Reward 12,000 points.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver 29th floor Regency Club view

  • Category 3 Points + Cash reward rate = 6,000 points + $99 USD.
  • Category 3 Standard reward rate = 12,000 points.
  • Hyatt Member Advance Purchase Rate = $188 or $220.07 USD after tax.
  • Hyatt Member Standard Rate = $197 or $231.66 USD after tax.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Points Redemption Value

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Points + Cash Reward Night redemption value is $121 for 6,000 points saved = $20.16 per 1,000 points based on advance purchase rate or $22.11 per 1,000 points when compared to Standard Rate.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Standard Reward Night redemption value is $220.07 saved for 12,000 points = $18.34 per 1,000 points compared to advance purchase rate or $19.31 per 1,000 points compared to Standard Rate.

Points + Cash reward nights offer better Hyatt points redemption value than a Standard reward night. This is also a good break even redemption value considering Hyatt points are sold for as low as $17.14 per 1,000 points during 40% bonus points promotions. Regular purchase price is $24 per 1,000 points. A redemption rate over $20 per 1,000 points means you can spend points now and buy points if you need more points later when Hyatt runs another 40% bonus points promotion.

Reality Check: As in most cases, the Points + Cash redemption value was comparatively better last month under the old fixed cash copay table when the cash portion would have been $75. Hyatt Regency Vancouver is $99 cash portion at a relatively low off-season rate. This hotel is about the ideal room rate level to make the new Hyatt Points + Cash for a category 3 hotel a reasonable reward option.

Assume the price dropped to $150 at Hyatt Regency Vancouver to make the copay $75. Spending 6,000 points to save $75 is a low redemption value for Hyatt points.

Goldilocks and your Hyatt choices

The new Hyatt Points + Cash system is similar to the Goldilocks conundrum. When the standard room rate is too high, the value of Points + Cash decreases as the cash rate becomes prohibitive. When the standard room rate is too low, then the redemption value for spending points is too low to be good value.

The main effect of the new Hyatt Points + Cash reward table is the range of room rates has narrowed for when Hyatt Points + Cash offer good value. A lower room rate lowers your redemption value of your Hyatt points and a high room rate raises the price of the room to a much higher cash payment than previously needed.

Hyatt Points + Cash may still provide the best available hotel discount option for your stay. But unless the hotel is within a narrow price range for room rates, you will likely get better value by redeeming all points for a standard reward or simply pay the nightly room rate and save points for a better reward value.

Category 4 Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

15,000 points Standard Reward

Nov 27-29, 2018

$219.15 per night after tax.

There is no Points + Cash reward availability for these dates.

There are dates when Points + Cash reward nights are not available.

$219 room rate for 15,000 points = $14.60 per 1,000 points. That is not a very good redemption value, yet paying $219 for a room night is not a particularly good value either.

This is a common occurrence I find when I analyze the value of staying at Hyatt Hotels. I generally find the published rate too high compared to other hotel options and I generally find the reward rate points redemption value is not particularly attractive compared to what I can find with other hotel loyalty programs.

Category 4 Hyatt Centric San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

15,000 points Standard Reward

Nov 27-29, 2018

$264.57 per night after tax.
San Francisco 27.69% tax and fees on top of $207 room rate.
Hyatt Centric SF Points+Cash rate Nov 27-29 is 7,500 points + $129.50 cash portion per night. Tax and fees on the cash portion of the Points+Cash reward is an additional $44.59 per night and results in an even higher 34.43% additional cost to room rate than the 27.69% tax and fees on the member paid rate.

San Francisco makes for an interesting analytical subject due to the high additional taxes and fees. These create a significant impact on the difference between booking a Standard Reward night with no fees compared to a Points+Cash rate with more than 34% tax and fees applied to the cash portion paid for a Points+Cash reward stay at Hyatt Centric San Francisco.

Points + Cash reward rate for Hyatt Centric San Francisco sees tax and fees paid on the 50% Standard Rate cash payment of $129.50 per night increases from 27.69% for a regular paid rate to 34.43% additional cost applied to the Points+Cash reward night rate for Nov 27-29.

An all points standard reward stay is 15,000 points per night with no additional tax or fees applied to the reward stay.

No additional tax or fees when booking an all points reward stay at Hyatt Centric SF.

Hyatt Centric San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Nov 27-29

Advance Purchase Rate = $264.57/night

Standard Rate = $319.06/night

Standard Reward Redemption Value = 15,000 points = $21.27 per 1,000 points.

Points + Cash Redemption Value = 7,500 points + $174.09. You can pay $264.57 and earn points for your hotel stay. You need to spend $174.09 to save 7,500 points with a Points + Cash reward night. In this example, Points+Cash only saves $90.48 per night on the lowest paid rate. Spending 7,500 points to save $90 is a poor redemption value at $12.06 per 1,000 points.

Standard Reward redemption value = $264.57/15,000 points = $17.64 per 1,000 points. This is a reasonable redemption value since you can buy Hyatt Points for $17.14 per 1,000 points during the periodic Hyatt 40% bonus points promotions.

In this example, I would likely redeem 15,000 points per night and consider it a break-even points value splurge since I would not spend $265 on a hotel night or even $174 for a Points + Cash reward.

This is an example of a category 4 Hyatt hotel where I would likely redeem points for a standard reward to avoid the high price of a paid night and Points+Cash reward nights and replacce the points later during a good buy points promotion.

Hyatt Centric San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Loyalty Traveler – Analysis: Hyatt Points + Cash value after Nov 1 change to 50% standard rate


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  • Dan November 14, 2018

    Something I found out—-Points + Cash at Hyatt means you still pay sales tax and other taxes on your hotel stay unlike other chains with pts+cash rate where you don’t pay any extra sales or other taxes on the rate.

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