Harpa Concert Hall imagery Reykjavik, Iceland

Harpa Concert Hall is an architectural landmark building on the Reykjavik waterfront since 2011. The place is one I gravitate to when in Reykjavik due to its aesthetically pleasing visual imagery and the comfort of a climate controlled warm space to hang out when wandering around chilly Reykjavik after hotel check-out, while waiting to return to Keflavik for a flight out of Iceland. There are a couple of cafes, a tour booking center and visitor shop inside making the place a tourist attraction even when not visiting for a performance, conference or event.

Harpa Reykjavik

Morning in Harpa

Harpa Level 5

Hallgrimmskirkja through Harpa glass


Harpa 5th floor bar area

Harpa 5th floor bar

Growing Reykjavik outside Harpa

Harpa public seating levels

Harpa stairway public seating

Icelandic style janitorial work

While hanging around Harpa, I noticed a young woman on a compact driving machine sweeping the floor of Harpa Concert Hall. Her driving machine came out of the elevator and she appeared to be listening to music through headphones as she drove around the large expanse of floor on different levels.

I thought, ‘What a cool job!’

Harpa conference room

Harpa by design

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