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Tourist Pub Walk around Windsor and Eton

a road leading to a castle

Windsor, England as a place name is one I have known many years from an American viewpoint as the location of a famous historic castle. Seeing a tower of Windsor Castle from the bus while a mile or more away induced travel giddiness. Still 10 minutes to go to the Parish Church bus stop in the town of Windsor near the castle as we drove through the city with children, elderly and tourists crossing streets and city traffic stop lights delaying my arrival.

Periodically I sighted the River Thames as the bus meandered through the countryside and into the town of Windsor. Passing the high walls of Windsor Castle to my left, I spied a Chinese restaurant buffet to my right advertising £6 buffet prices, potentially my night’s dinner dining.

Hungry feeling after traveling for ten straight hours from Romania to London Luton (8 hours passed from the time I took a bus from the Hampton Cluj hotel to Cluj-Capoca Airport CLJ and finally through Luton LTN passport control), then a National Express bus to London Heathrow (1 hour), then Paddington Heathrow Express from Terminal 2/3 to Terminal 5, and the GreenLine bus 703 to Windsor (1 hour).

Windsor was warm with temperatures about 22 to 23 C in late October at 16:00 with another two plus hours of daylight left. I had to get out on the streets and see the town in brilliant afternoon sunlight. Try and stave off the feeling of hunger for another hour or two.

a stone castle with a statue in front of it
Queen Victoria and Windsor Castle first photo impression.

The town simultaneously appeared historical and Disneyesque touristy. A statue of Queen Victoria at the intersection of Windsor High Street and Castle Hill when I looked east with a Krispy Kreme and Starbucks sighted down the pedestrian alley of Peascod Street when I looked west.

a street with buildings and people
Windsor High Street Chippy of Windsor Fish & Chips (TripAdvisor 153 of 181) and Lillibet’s The Great British Cafe (ranked 173 of 181 Windsor restaurants on TripAdvisor.)
a metal art on a glass wall
Gate on Peascod Street Windsor
a group of people walking on a street
Pedestrian shopping on Peascod Street, Windsor
a stone castle with a tower
Garter Tower and Curfew Tower with the clock border the Lower Ward western wall of Windsor Castle

Visitors were being turned away from Windsor Castle by the time I was standing in front of the Henry VIII Gate. Last visitor admission to Windsor Castle is 16:00 and the castle closes at 17:15 in peak season from March 1 to October 31 and one hour earlier in low season.

a stone castle with people walking with Windsor Castle in the background
Windsor Castle Henry VIII gate
a stone tower with windows
Windsor Henry VIII gate tower

A tour of Windsor Castle was not in my plans. I simply came to Windsor for an overnight hotel stay and brief scouting mission to determine if my wife and I would find three or four days in Windsor on an upcoming trip worthwhile.

Oh yes, I instantly decided.

a group of magazines on a stone wall
Posters at Windsor Castle Visitor Entrance gate.

The bus ride into town past the River Thames walkway and parks and several charming pubs, followed by the view from the Clarion Collection Harte & Garter Hotel castle view room convinced me we could occupy ourselves enjoyably for three or four days hanging around Windsor.

a view of a castle from a window
Harte & Garter Hotel Windsor Room 402 window view
a street with people walking and people walking
Tourist shops on Church Street Windsor, opposite King Henry VIII Gate.
a building with a sign on the front
Clarence Brasserie and Tea Room, Church Street, Windsor (TripAdvisor #32 of 181 Windsor restaurants).
a building with a flag on the front
Jersey Pearl is a shop in a Windsor historic building known as The Crooked House (1590).
a building with a sign on it
The Carpenters Arms, Market Street Windsor

The Carpenters Arms ranks TripAdvisor #31 of 181 located on Market Street, also close to Windsor Castle.

a store front with a sign
The Prince Harry pub on Market Street, Windsor

I assumed The Prince Harry was a historic pub named after Henry V (with a Kenneth Branagh young Prince Harry image in mind). I was wrong. This pub, formerly known as The Three Tuns, changed its name to The Prince Harry in 2018 in honor of the current prince shortly before the June 2018 Royal Wedding. The Prince Harry ranks #68 of 181 on TripAdvisor restaurants in Windsor.

a flag with a picture of a man and woman
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding flag outside The Prince Harry pub Windsor

The Horse and Groom is a pub on Castle Hill across from Windsor Castle King Henry VIII Gate. The Horse and Groom ranks #36 of 181 restaurants on TripAdvisor.

a building with a flag on the front
The Horse and Groom pub, Castle Hill, Windsor

I ate at Thai Terrace (TripAdvisor 161 of 181), so obviously my dining choice was not based on TripAdvisor restaurant ranking. I walked by the High Street restaurant and determined it met my objective for quick food with lots of vegetables that was reasonably tasty. I selected a good sampling from the buffet with 8 to 10 dishes and I stuffed bites from about five dishes in a take-way box for $8 US cash in lieu of the £5.50 take away box buffet price. I only had £5 in coins and did not want to withdraw any money from an ATM for one day in Windsor so did not mind paying an inflated exchange rate to use U.S. Dollars. Getting by on bank card charges only is fairly easy in metro London area if you stay away from Chinese restaurants and street market stalls.

A bit of Thai food satiated my hunger and left time for me to walk around Windsor some more before sunset on a warm Wednesday afternoon in October.

a stone castle with a tower
17:15 on Curfew Tower Clock showed my daylight remaining winding down quickly.

The Thames was only a little more than five minutes walk from Harte & Garter Hotel.

a group of white swans on a body of water
White swans gathered on River Thames, Windsor
a bridge over a river
Thames Walk pathway and Windsor Bridge (1824) to Eton

Eton is another place name familiar to me. I had not realized it is a town on the opposite bank of the Thames from Windsor. More pubs, restaurants, inns and tourist shops.

a building with a corner on the corner
The George Inn, Eton

TripAdvisor ranks The George #2 of 12 restaurants in Eton.

a street with buildings and cars
Fading light of sunset in Eton.
a building with a sign on the front
Eton Mess Inn TripAdvisor #10 of 12 Eton Restaurants
a building with a windmill on the side
The Watermans Arms Eton Tripadvisor #5 of 12 restaurants in Eton.

The streets looked fairly empty in Eton and most shops were closed, so I changed direction and headed back over Windsor Bridge to the more happening city.

a person standing on a bridge
Windsor Bridge at dusk
a building with windows and a river
The Brasserie at Sir Christopher Wren Inn TripAdvisor #104 of 181 restaurants in Windsor
a building with a sign on the front
Windsor Bel & The Dragon TripAdvisor #34 of 181 restaurants in Windsor

My objective was not to photograph all the pubs in Windsor and Eton. These were the primary sights I saw walking along High Street Windsor.

I was hoping to spot something more historical. Back in Windsor I found some memorials.

a fountain in a park
Windsor King George V Memorial Fountain (1937) Windsor
a blue plaque on a stone wall
Windsor Martyrs plaque

I tend to snap a photo of plaques I see and then research the history. Windsor Martyrs were three Protestants burnt at the stake August 4, 1543 during the reign of Henry VIII.

a building with a flag on the front
Windsor Theatre Royal 
a row of buildings in a city
Thai Square (#48/181) and Giggling Squid (#58/181), Windsor
a building with many shops and people walking on the street
Prezzo (#37/181) and The King and Castle (#84/181) on High Street, Windsor
a building with a sign on the front
The Duchess of Cambridge pub (#21/181), High Street Windsor

One of the prettiest buildings I saw in Windsor is the Oxfam charity shop located in a 16th century timbered building on Peascod Street.

a building with a store front
Windsor Oxfam on Queen Anne’s Court and Peascod Street.

I wanted to check out The Long Walk and I walked down High Street until I reached Two Brewers Pub. The Long Walk was already too dark and would need to wait for morning daylight.

a building with lights on
The Two Brewers Pub Windsor
a dog walking on a street
The Two Brewers Pub (TripAdvisor #24/181)

Two Brewers looked like a charming pub next to the gate to The Long Walk. An American couple was describing their England travel itinerary to a local as I walked by the pub.

The Long Walk Windsor

The Long Walk is a 2.64-mile long road from Windsor Castle gate to the equestrian statue of King George III. Double rows of 1,652 elm trees were planted along its length during the reign of King Charles I. These trees were mostly removed in 1946 due to Dutch Elm disease.

With darkness obscuring the view, I went back to the Long Walk in the morning. My objective was to walk to the King George III statue, but too long a walk and too little time eliminated that endeavor.

a long shot of a road
The Long Walk view to King George III monument.
a long straight road with trees and a castle in the background
The Long Walk Windsor view to castle
a castle with trees and a gate
The Long Walk Windsor Castle southern gate
a close-up of a fence
Golden tips of Windsor Castle gate.
a lamp post in front of a stone building
Windsor Castle gate lamp topped with a crown

With time running short before I needed to catch the bus back to London Heathrow for a flight to Iceland, I made my way through town for last looks.

a building with a clock tower
Ellison House, Windsor
a brick building with a tower
Chariott’s Place Windsor

The Windsor Lady

Bachelor’s Park, Windsor has The Windsor Lady statue commemorating the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the 60th year of her reign.

a statue in a park
The Windsor Lady features Queen Elizabeth II and six corgis.
a statue of a man holding a dog
The Windsor Lady
a map of a city
Google Maps Windsor shows how compact the 30 minute walking route is between these places, excluding The Long Walk.

Windsor was far more charming than I had anticipated. My regret is my wife was not with me for the lovely weather and first exposure to Windsor. She is the British Royal amateur historian and experiencing Windsor with her will be far more educational.

We’ll be back in Windsor in a couple of months. Flights ticketed and hotels booked. I look forward to reaching the King George III statue on The Long Walk and hopefully seeing some of the deer when the thinner crowds of winter probably allow them to walk around more freely.

Kelley won’t be keen on Thai take-away for her meals. Trying out some of the better reviewed restaurants and pubs in Windsor on a real pub crawl was one of the primary reasons I listed the TripAdvisor rankings for pubs I saw on my walks around Windsor.





  • w.w October 30, 2018

    the ticket to windsor castle can be reused by same person in a year. just FYI

  • Ric Garrido October 30, 2018

    @w.w. – Nice to know. I was unaware of that benefit and checked it out.

    We might make a couple of Windsor Castle tour days on our trip.

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