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The Club Airport Lounges

My recent Frontier Airlines $96 round trip flight from San Jose, California to Atlanta, Georgia SJC-ATL was a no frills flight experience. The airport experience prior to boarding was a relaxing before boarding the flight in San Jose and again in Atlanta for the return with airport lounge visits at The Club at SJC and The Club at ATL providing pre-flight food and drinks and local newspapers for reading.

The Club Airport Lounges

There are currently 13 airports offering The Club airport lounges with 11 in the U.S. and two in the U.K.

  1. ATL Atlanta
  2. BOS Boston
  3. BWI Baltimore
  4. CVG Cincinnati
  5. DFW Dallas
  6. LAS Las Vegas
  7. MCO Orlando
  8. PHX Phoenix
  9. PIT Pittsburgh
  10. SEA Seattle
  11. SJC San Jose
  12. LGW London Gatwick
  13. LHR London Heathrow

The Club at SJC

Open 5am-10pm.

Complimentary Admission for members

Airline Business Class/First Class and High Elite members

  • Air China
  • ANA
  • British Airways
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Lufthansa

The Club at SJC

The Club at SJC is located near Gate 15 in the international section between Terminals A and B gates. Once you are through security in either Terminal A or B, you can walk to The Club at SJC.

Food selections at The Club SJC are fairly basic with fruit, breads, bagels and granola bars. The coffee maker seems a bit archaic with the need to insert a packet and two packets to brew a latte or cappuccino.

Free alcohol is a big plus, but my visit was initially a breakfast visit at 10:30am, but  turned into a lunch visit opportunity too with a 40 minute flight delay. I refrained from beer before the flight.

The Club at ATL

Visiting an airport lounge was not in my thoughts before riding the train from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport main terminal check-in to D gates for Frontier Airlines. I could see a sign and the words The Club at ATL on the subway car behind a young black man, but the concourse location was not visible to me. After riding past gates A, B, and C and waiting for the man to move or exit the train, I asked him to let me read the sign behind him.

The Club at ATL is located in Concourse F around the international flight gates.

I stayed on the subway train to the end of the line.

The Club at ATL

Once again I arrived at breakfast time and was pleased to see three hot item trays on the counter, but the same old style coffee machine maker as SJC.

The Club hot food trays

I looked in one tray to see it had contained eggs, but was empty. I looked in a second tray to see it had contained bacon, but was empty. I looked in the third tray to see it was empty of contents too.

Fortunately there was plenty of good fruit and hot oatmeal.

The Club at ATL fresh fruit
The Club at ATL bagels, bread and pastries.

Morning breakfast, eggs and bacon reappeared after 15 minutes, and a newspaper read was a relaxing way to spend my last hour in Atlanta before the flight back to San Jose.

The day before in downtown Atlanta I had immersed myself in black culture and history with a visit to the Atlanta Center for Civil and Human Rights, followed by a walk down Auburn Avenue to visit Martin Luther King Jr. Center and National Historical Park.

The morning headline story of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicated the civil rights struggle for answers and justice continues.

The Justice Department argued against the release last week of Moore’s Ford Grand Jury witness testimony that was thought lost or destroyed for decades and found in recent years. The FBI closed its investigation earlier this year. The struggle continues.

I will be in London Heathrow in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I will get a chance to check in to The Club at LHR.




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  • Travelbug October 15, 2018

    What in the world is relevant about a young BLACK man standing in front of the sign? It would be sufficient to say a ‘ young man’.


  • Ric Garrido October 16, 2018

    You make a good point and ‘young man’ would have been sufficient in the context of this article.

    Four days in Atlanta and my experiences there had my attention focused on Blacks-Whites-Latinos-Asians and a history I have experienced as I lived through segregation, desegregation and resegregation in America.

    But all that is well beyond the scope of this article on airport club lounges.

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