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IHG Points&Cash 15% discount reduces buy points to $4.85 per 1,000

Today I received an IHG Rewards Club email notifying me I have a targeted offer for 15% discount on the price of points when booking Points & Cash reward nights by Sep 25 for stays completed by Oct 28, 2018.

In past years I have used the IHG Points&Cash discount rate to buy IHG Rewards Club points at the lowest price I find for the year.

This discount rate makes it possible to purchase points for an even lower rate than $5.00 per 1,000 points, the rate when there is an IHG Rewards Club buy points with 100% bonus points promotion.

IHG Points & Cash 20,000 for rate $97 = $4.85/1,000.

InterContinental Monterey offers IHG Rewards Club Points & Cash rate to buy 20,000 points for $97. That comes out to $4.85 per 1,000 points.

Since points purchases made for an IHG Rewards Club Points & Cash booking are nonrefundable, reward night cancellation places those points back into your account.

This is a targeted offer.

Check your email or try a sample Points&Cash booking to see if you were targeted for this discount rate.



  • Remix September 18, 2018

    How many of these can one buy, without annoying the powers that be in Manila or wherever ihg is based? Could I buy 100000 points for consumption in the next month or so?

    To put it in perspective I have about that amount that I have had sitting in my account for quite some time, which I also will be using up (all on one hotel in Paris).

    I like maintaining my relationship with ihg — platinum based on the credit card , but ihg is not even my second mistress.

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  • Soren September 21, 2018

    I got the offer…Do you always choose the lowest or highest $ amount + points ?

    I got 35k for all point stay, down to 15k points + $115

    So I choose the $115 ? A little confused…


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