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Rome Ciampino CIA Airport to Rome Termini Station for €3.20

How to travel by bus and train for €3.20 from Rome Ciampino Airport CIA to Rome Termini Station, the city center hub for Metro, bus and train services. Rome CIA Airport is south of Rome and the airport where low cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air fly.

My amateur web video production skills took another baby step today with the inclusion of actual narration on a 2 minute slideshow I made and posted on YouTube.

Rome Ciampino Airport counter for train ticket to Rome Termini Station counter.

You can actually travel from Ciampino Airport to Rome Termini for €2.70, if you buy the €1.50 train ticket at Ciampino train station. Paying 50 cents surcharge for the train ticket at the airport counter, dealing with a woman fluent in English, seemed convenient for my first time traveling through Rome CIA Airport.

The bus from Ciampino Airport to the train station in town is €1.20 paid directly to the driver.

We traveled by bus and train from Ciampino Airport to Rome Termini Station in about 45 minutes from the time we exited baggage claim at CIA.

Loyalty Traveler – Rome Termini Station cheap trains to Fiumicino FCO or Ciampino Airports (June 27, 2018).

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  • Christian August 30, 2018

    I’m wondering: how many languages do you speak? I’ve got English, with some French and Spanish, and some very basic German and Italian, so Western Europe is doable. With how much you travel over a multitude of countries, it’s good to know how you communicate, since that gives an indication of linguistic ease or difficulty for your readers.

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