Marriott Rewards 58 category 6 hotels dropped to 50,000 points

Marriott Rewards Hotel Directory shows 315 hotels worldwide in the new category 6 at 50,000 points.

58 of these hotels were priced at higher points rates prior to August 18 changes to Marriott Rewards hotel categories. 5 of these hotels were previously Ritz Carlton Tier 5 properties at 70,000 points. The other 53 hotels were SPG category 6 hotels at 20,000 points and 25,000 points in peak season.

While there are thousands of hotels that saw a points reduction in the lower reward categories, a much smaller proportion of new Marriott Rewards category 5-6-7 hotels are priced lower than they were before August 18.

Marriott Rewards softened the blow of high category hotel rewards increases by giving a temporary break on category 7 hotels that will rise again in price to Category 8 at 85,000 points standard rate in early 2019.

Marriott Rewards will introduce peak and off-peak season reward rates in 2019.

The 53 former category 6 SPG hotels in the charts below see a significant reduction in reward night cost, from former SPG peak season rate of 75,000 points, if booked at 50,000 points before peak season rates are reintroduced in 2019.

Marriott Rewards Category 6

Peak Season 60,000
Standard rate 50,000
Off-Peak 40,000

Marriott Rewards Category 6 Hotels with points reduction August 18

Marriott Rewards Europe 50 Category 1 and 2 hotels at lower points rate
Marriott Rewards category 2 USA hotels priced 7,500 to 12,500 points lower since Aug 18

Marriott Rewards lists of all hotels increasing in points cost August 18 (Aug 16, 2018).

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