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Marriott Rewards 86 USA Category 1 hotels cost fewer points as of Aug 18, 2018

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Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs are now in a unified hotel reward category system. There are currently 155 Marriott Rewards category 1 hotels at 7,500 points per reward night in the USA and 388 category 1 hotels worldwide.

For at least the remainder of 2018, there are 86 USA category-1 hotels that are priced lower at 7,500 points per reward night compared to their reward rate last week.

Marriott Rewards Hotel Category Points Chart

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Points rates have dropped by 1,500 to 7,500 points for 86 Marriott Rewards new category 1 hotels.

  • 5 hotels drop 7,500 points (50% fewer points) from last week’s reward price.
  • 7 hotels drop 4,500 points (37.5% fewer points)
  • 72 hotels drop 2,500 points (25% fewer points)
  • 2 hotels drop 1,500 points (16.7% fewer points).

This will change once again in 2019 when Marriott Rewards off-peak and peak season pricing goes into effect.

Category 1 hotels in 2019 will have a reward rate range:

  • 5,000 points in Off-Peak season rate,
  • 7,500 points in Standard season rate,
  • 10,000 points in Peak season rate.

For now, there are 86 Marriott Rewards category 1 hotels in the USA that are priced lower than they were last week.

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Click on the images to see a larger picture.

I will follow up this post with other hotel charts for reward stays priced lower since August 18, 2018.


  • Mark August 22, 2018

    Thanks very helpfully – yes do more of these.

  • Leo August 22, 2018

    Note: Fairfield Inn Marion is not Cat 1. Just checked still shoing Category 3 and 17500 points.

  • Ric Garrido August 22, 2018

    @Leo – You are correct. My mistake.

    Looks like there was a Fairfield Inn Marion, Ohio that is no longer in program.

    Changed chart to delete Fairfield Inn Marion, Illinois and changed title to 86 hotels at fewer points as new category 1 hotels.

    The confusion arises from the spreadsheets I created when Marriott originally posted hotel reward category changes that did not show city or state. There are some Marriott hotels with the same or similar names in different states.

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