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Stary Kleparz Market Krakow for shopping deals

baskets of raspberries and corn on the cob

Stary Kleparz Market Krakow is one of the great shopping locations in the city for food, clothes, textiles and lace. The market is located north of the Barbican outside St. Florian’s Gate Stare Miasto-Old Town. Stary Kleparz tram stop by the Barbican places you within 100 meters of Stary Kleparz Market and is serviced by routes 2, 4, 14, 20, 24, 44, 64, 69.

You can walk there in five minutes from Krakow train station/Krakowska Galeria mall or around 10 minutes from Krakow Old Town Rynek Glowny market square.

a building with a sign and a phone booth
Stary Kleparz market with a convenient Bankomat ATM for cheap shopping in a place where cash is the normal payment mode.

Fruits and vegetables, bread and cheese are generally cheaper to buy here than in grocery stores around the city.

people at a market
Stary Kleparz foods
a pile of red berries with a sign
Stary Kleparz cherries 5pln/kg is $0.62/lb.
baskets of raspberries and corn on the cob
Raspberries 8pln = $2.17usd. Wish I could buy my favorite fruit so inexpensively in California.
a group of vegetables on display
All the colors of a healthy vegetable diet.
a bunch of grapes and corns at a market
Green grapes 6.00pln/kg = $0.74/lb. Red grapes 8.00pln = $0.99usd/lb. Corn at 1.20pln/$0.33 each is one item often priced lower in USA.
a pile of bread on a table
Designer breads.
a group of cheeses on a table
Fresh cheese.
a large group of bags of food
Spices of the world at about $1 per 100g. bag.
a pile of socks and a sign
5 pairs of socks 10pln = $2.71usd.
a market with many people
Cheap underwear too.
a market with clothes on the swingers
Clothes for guys.
a group of clothes on swingers
Far more clothing for ladies.
a store with clothes on the wall
Stary Kleparz is the address for new pants, skirt or dress.
a group of fabric on a rack
And the decorative items accounting for most of our Stary Kleparz market spend.


Open 07:00 – 18:00. Sat 07:00 – 15:00, Sun 08:00 – 15:00.

a screenshot of a map
Google Maps – Stary Kleparz market Krakow


  • Visiting August 5, 2018

    Is it a bargaining type of market or are the prices set?


  • Ric Garrido August 5, 2018

    Some bargaining, but most things seem to have prices.

    Went to Plac Nowy in Kazimierz after writing this post when all the food stalls closed and the entire square filled mostly with clothing sellers, some jewelry and trinkets. That was primarily a bargaining market.

    Kelley felt like she cleaned up on bargains.

    Also, I will edit this post to say that nearly every stall closed at Stary Kleparz on Sunday at 11am when we stopped by today. Only a couple of food stalls open. And we stopped by there on Saturday afternoon to find many of the stalls closed. I don’t know if the clothing shops had opened at all on Saturday and many shops closed at noon or 13:00 on Saturday.

    Go to Stary Kleparz on a weekday to get the market on full swing,

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