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Review Comfort Hotel Star Inn Vienna Schoenbrunn

a building with many windows

28,000 Choice Privileges points for three nights in Vienna was the best hotel deal I saw for the city. There are two Star Inn hotels in Vienna. Both were priced the same for reward nights at 10,000 points Sun-Thu and 8,000 points Fri-Sat. Better hotel reviews and the location near Schönbrunn Palace were my reasons for choosing COMFORT HOTEL, STAR INN WIEN SCHOENBRUNN over QUALITY HOTEL, STAR INN PREMIUM WIEN HBF.

Comfort Hotel Star Inn Vienna Schoenbrunn room rates were 87eur/$102 per night advance purchase rate or $127 flexible rate at time I booked our reward stay.

9,333 points per night cost me about $47 when I purchased over 200,000 Choice Privileges points during U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways in April 2018.

Great Hotel Location for Vienna U-bahn and Spar market 

Star Inn Wien has a great location for U-bahn access with U-4 Langenfeldgasse station across the street. U-bahn is the fastest way to zip around different parts of the city.

Another great location feature is a Spar supermarket on the ground level adjacent to the hotel.

a building with many windows
Comfort Hotel Star Inn Vienna Schoenbrunn and Spar Market

Spar Market came in handy for room food since the hotel charged 14eur for breakfast. We were able to buy a lot of food and drink at the store for less than 28eur per day that better suited our diet. The market had hot grilled chicken, a bakery, deli and chilled beer too.

Quick U-bahn access meant we could get around the city quickly and easily. Trains generally were 4 minutes or less wait time throughout the day. Getting to Innere Stadt a few miles away takes less than 15 minutes on the U-bahn.

Loyalty Traveler - Getting around Vienna U-bahn, tram and airport transportation.

a building with a roof and a wall
U-4 Langenfeldgasse station across the street from hotel

Star Inn Wien Schoenbrunn Room 552

a room with a tv and a desk
Large TV with loads of channels including BBC World, CNN and a couple other English news stations.

a desk and a tv on the wall

a bed with a white sheet and a white pillow
Bed comfortable. Large, but noisy chair cushion to move around on when I worked on my computer.
a room with a bed and a door
Please, can I have two more pillows for the bed? We took extra duvet from closet and used it as soft bed headrest.
a shower with a glass door
Shower would be tight space for some.
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
No bath amenities besides soap dispenser.
a toilet in a bathroom
Wimpy bath towels.

a shower with a hose

Self-Service Iron Scheme

One item missing from the room was an iron and board. Each morning I went to the front desk and picked up an iron and board and returned them to the front desk when we went out for the day.

Hotel Lobby

a bar with chairs and a couch
24 hour bar in lobby. 3.30eur for 330ml beer.
a room with white couches and red walls
Lobby bar seating and TV.

Breakfast buffet downstairs from lobby. Looked inside crowded room one morning, but did not see food items. Looked like standard hotel buffet line.

Star Inn Vienna Schoenbrunn is a large hotel. There were several tour bus groups each morning filling the lobby, mostly Asian tourists. By 10am they were usually gone.

The neighborhood around the hotel is one of the less expensive areas in the city for restaurants from what I gathered in my research. It is also one of the areas with the highest number of foreign-born residents in Vienna. People on the street did not seem more ethnically diverse than people in other areas of Vienna where we traveled. I enjoyed the summer night vibe on the streets when I went walking around to places around the hotel.

Renaissance Wien is in same neighborhood about 4 minutes walk from Star Inn.

Convenient public transportation access, a nearby supermarket and a great price are my three main requirements for a desirable hotel. Comfort Hotel Star Inn Vienna Schoenbrunn provided all my needs.

I would stay here again without hesitation.


  • DaninMCI July 24, 2018

    Man that’s a lot of ironing. Iron every day? Why not iron everything all at once when you arrived. Sorry just seems odd. Thanks for the review. Looks like a decent deal. Too bad no free breakfast. I wonder if they offer it for elite guests. We prefer to “hunt and gather” our food while in Europe so the market sounds like a good option.

  • Cj July 24, 2018

    Good to know …when I’m in Vienna I usually stay at Hilton garden inn for 10,000 points with free cook to order breakfast …….nice to have another option

  • Ric Garrido July 24, 2018

    One day ironing was for wrinkled clothes and another day ironing was to dry some wet clothes we had washed.

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