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Best Western Rome Airport FCO and a walk in Fiumicino, Italy

a pool with umbrellas and chairs at night
Best Western Rome Airport FCO pool at night.

An early 6:00am flight out of Rome FCO to Munich meant I wanted to stay near the airport the night before. Hilton has a hotel right at the airport, but $205 advance purchase rate was way more than I wanted to pay and 45,000 points was no bargain either. There is also a Hilton Garden Inn in Fiumicino with free shuttle service. A room there was $156 advance purchase or 35,000 points and still more than I wanted to pay.

Best Western Hotel Rome Airport in Fiumicino, Italy a couple miles from the airport was $164 advance purchase, but only 20,000 points for a reward night. Best Western Airport Rome FCO looked like the best deal to me.

I had better redemption value plans for my Hilton Honors points and sufficient Best Western Rewards points for one reward night.

An airport shuttle from Rome FCO to the hotel also looked convenient. But the shuttle turned out to be an expensive add-on to the hotel bill at 15eur per person round trip for a five minute ride each way.

cars parked cars in a parking lot
Best Western Rome Airport

The airport shuttle stop for Best Western is outside Door 4, Terminal 3 on the arrivals level.

a sign with information on it
Best Western Airport Shuttle schedule. 7eur one way and 8eur for early morning shuttle to airport. Shuttle charge is applied to room charges.
a building with a blue railing
Rome FCO Terminal 3 Arrivals level Door 4

The shuttle stop is space 3. There were two airport shuttles on the street in the median strip and several people waiting for hotel shuttle buses. Eventually I noticed the Best Western sign.

a sign on a metal railing
Rome FCO Best Western Rome Airport shuttle stop

The shuttle route is around the airport into the town of Fiumicino. It only takes a few minutes drive between the airport and the hotel.

a front view of a hotel
Best Western Rome Airport reception.

World Cup was on in the hotel lobby and we had a beer, while waiting for other guests on the shuttle bus to check in.

Best Western Rome Airport Room 132

a bed with pillows on it
Best Western Rome Airport 1 Queen + 1 Single Bed
a bed with a tv on the wall
Best Western Rome Airport FCO room
a bathroom with a sink and toilet
Best Western Rome FCO Airport bathroom
a shower with a glass door
Best Western Rome Airport FCO shower

There was a mini-frig stocked with stuff.

The room had no view to note. The window looked out to residential housing and no water view visible of the river channel.

Swimming Pool is highlight of the hotel

a swimming pool with a white fence
Best Western Rome Airport pool
a pool with a white fence
Best Western Rome Airport FCO pool
a patio area with chairs and umbrellas
Best Western Rome Airport FCO pool deck chairs

The receptionist at Best Western Hotel Artdeco Rome told us Fiumicino is a nice place for a seafood meal. Around 6:30pm we headed out of the hotel to check out the little town of Fiumicino. Photos in BW Rome Airport hotel of old Fiumicino looked appealing.

a framed picture of a city
Photo of Fiumicino

There is one main road through Fiumicino, which is a city divided by a river canal. From the hotel we followed the sidewalk along the main road west.

a car driving on the road
Mercure Rome FCO in Fiumicino

The channel waterfront is a few hundred meters walk from the hotel past the bridge to the other side of town.

boats on the dock with boats
Fiumicino, Italy working waterfront
a boat parked on a dock
Fiumicino waterfront

The sky started brightening, but cafes and restaurants were still preparing table settings for dinner at 7pm. Wikipedia shows Fiumicino as a city of nearly 80,000 residents. The area we walked through seemed like a small town.

a street with a few people walking
Fiumicino, Italy
a boat in the water
Seagulls over Fiumicino, Italy
a statue of a man on a pillar
Fiumicino, Italy
a painting of a woman on the ground
street art Fiumicino, Italy

The most happening place at 7pm was The Tower Irish pub in Fiumicino.

a group of people sitting outside a building
Fiumicino – The Tower Irish pub

In the end, we ended up not getting a seafood meal. A missed opportunity for sure as I saw some rather appealing menu items at several Fiumicino restaurants.

The heat and humidity sapped Kelley’s energy. She wanted something quick and easy and get back to the Best Western Rome Airport FCO to swim in the pool.

a pool with umbrellas and chairs at night
Best Western Rome Airport FCO pool at night.

I try to avoid airport hotels unless it is a matter of being at an airport for an early flight or after a late arrival.

Best Western Rome Airport FCO was fine for our overnight stay. 20,000 Best Western Rewards points was the best deal I found among the Rome FCO airport hotels.




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