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Wyndham Rewards Masterpass payment 7,500 bonus points per stay

Wyndham Rewards brings back their promotion from last year for 7,500 bonus points when you reserve a room using Masterpass payment for a stay completed by Sep 1, 2018. This bonus may be earned two times for 15,000 bonus points.

This is a great value promotion, if Wyndham Rewards follows through in awarding bonus points.

Wyndham Rewards Masterpass 15K promotion for stays completed by September 1, 2018.

Last October, I earned 15,000 bonus points on two $80 hotel stays in Nice, France and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Registering a credit card with Masterpass and booking a Wyndham hotel with Masterpass was easy enough. Points posted with no issues.

Wyndham’s follow-up promotion for Visa Checkout did not go so smoothly for me when I did not receive one of the bonuses for a paid Wyndham stay using Visa Checkout. Wyndham Rewards customer service made excuses as to why my stay did not qualify, but it should have earned bonus points. Then Wyndham Rewards suddenly announced this promotion was done weeks before the scheduled promotion end date.

So pay close attention to the Wyndham Rewards fine print for the current MasterPass promotion.

There are a limited number of bonus points available for this promotional offer-we may change or cancel this promotion at any time.

That promotion issue combined with the change to GoFast rewards from fixed copay amounts for hotels to a variable GoFast copay rate fixed at 65% Best Flexible rate turned me off to Wyndham Rewards.

I announced earlier this year I was done with Wyndham Rewards. This program is still on my shit list.

This is potentially a very good offer. I redeemed 15,000 points in February at Ramada Apollo Amsterdam and saved $500 on a 5-night stay. Changes to GoFast Rewards eliminates that kind of Wyndham Rewards redemption value on GoFast stays, but 15,000 points can still buy one high value hotel night.

Personally, I am still put off by Wyndham Rewards promotion behavior and I will not be taking advantage of this opportunity this time around.


  • Bluecat July 17, 2018

    Big risk can be big reward.

    We have a 4 night stay in peak season at an all inclusive in Mexico that goes for about 375 a night, partially earned with this sort of promo.

    Also have a 2 nighter iin Vancouver that goes for about 300 a night.

    I’m actually tempted to do a mattress run now because this promo has been so good to me.

  • Soren July 22, 2018

    I’ve been on the fence about Wyndham…just watching etc.
    Decided not to jump in at this time.

    They sure like to spam you with cheap vacation nights, tied to a time share grind.


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