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Sheraton Sopot Poland and our LOT in life

a beach with a building and a large body of water
View from Sheraton Sopot room.

Sheraton Sopot has an ideal location for Poland’s premier Baltic Sea beach resort city of Sopot, Poland. This hotel was SPG category 4 at 10,000 Starpoints per night or 5,000 points + $81 (after city tax) as a Cash & Points night. The flexible rate was 787 PLN/$212usd for our dates or 614 PLN/$166usd for advance purchase rate.

Sheraton Sopot will be rising to 35,000 points as a Marriott Rewards category 5 hotel when the new program launches August 2018.

Sheraton Sopot is adjacent to the beach, yet also located adjacent to Monte Cassino, the main pedestrian street in the heart of town.

a beach with a building and a body of water
View from Sheraton Sopot room.

We ended up in Sopot, Poland on our early summer itinerary primarily due to an unused MegaBonus free night certificate expiring July 7 and the only eligible Marriott brand hotel at category 5 we could fit into our trip was Sopot Marriott. The option to walk 20 minutes down the pedestrian beach path the next day from Marriott to Sheraton was also a consideration for staying at these two hotels.

Loyalty Traveler – Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa on Poland’s Baltic Sea Beach

a large building with trees in front
Sheraton Sopot

Sopot is one of the most upscale cities in Poland. The town has a population of about 36,000 and is situated in a relatively forested area between the large cities of Gdansk (465,000) and Gydnia (250,000).

a fountain in front of a building
People on balcony are outside Sheraton Club Lounge of Sheraton Sopot.
a courtyard with a fountain and trees
View from Sheraton Lounge balcony to square and Sopot Pier (entrance between two red roofs).

The hotel is situated on the square leading to Sopot Pier, Europe’s longest wooden pier. A ticket for 8 PLN is required to access the pier, however, a Norwegian tourist told me the pier is free access in off-season.

a bird standing on the beach
Swan and Sopot Pier
a lawn with flowers and trees in front of a building
Sheraton Sopot beach side garden
a large green field with trees and a building in the background
Sheraton Sopot view from near pier entrance

Sheraton Sopot Lobby

The hotel lobby reception is off the front entrance, but it seemed to us that most people staying at the hotel used the side entrance to exit the hotel off the square to Monte Cassino (side of hotel seen in photo above). The front of the hotel was lined with taxi cabs.

a building with many windows
Front entrance to Sheraton Sopot.
a desk and chair in a lobby
Sheraton Sopot reception desk
a room with a large ceiling
View of Sheraton Sopot lobby from reception desk. Doors at far end lead to main square with fountain.

Sheraton Bar 512

We ate lunch at Sheraton Sopot Bar 512. Prices were comparatively high at 42PLN for a deluxe burger ($11.50usd), although I have to say that it was unquestionably the best burger of many burgers I have eaten in Poland. Burgers in most restaurants are priced 10 to 24PLN. Beer was 15PLN for Tyskie pint. Normal price of Tyskie beer is 8 to 12PLN.

a burger on a paper
Sheraton Sopot Bar 512 burger.

That burger was part of our LOT in life when our 10:00pm LOT Polish flight to Krakow was canceled after more than two hours of delays. The irony is LOT contracts with Sheraton Sopot for passenger compensation hotel accommodations and we ended up back at Sheraton Sopot at 2:00am after having checked out of the hotel at noon the day before. Best part was our airline compensation package included breakfast in Wave Restaurant and 70PLN food credit we redeemed at Bar512 before heading back to Gdansk Airport for our rescheduled flight.

a bar with chairs in a room
Sheraton Sopot Bar 512
a fireplace in a room
Sheraton Bar512 lobby fireplace
a room with a table and chairs
Sheraton Bar 512 lobby seating
a book on a table
Sheraton Bar 512

Wave Restaurant

Wave Restaurant is where the breakfast buffet was located. Good spread of food with made to order omelettes and all the usual food stuffs. The room was very crowded and I had only had about five hours sleep when I went to the breakfast room.

a table and chairs outside
Wave Restaurant beach side patio.
a room with tables and chairs
Wave Restaurant breakfast tables in as quiet a space as I could sit in the busy restaurant.
a fish in a glass case
Wave Restaurant fresh fish display.

Polskie Smaki Restaurant Café is another Sheraton Sopot restaurant I never noticed during my two days at the hotel. Not sure where the entrance is located. Seems to be located near the Club Lounge, but obviously accessed from a completely different route.

Sheraton Sopot Room 447 

a room with a table and a tv
Sheraton Sopot Room 447a
a tv on the wall
Sheraton Sopot room 447 World Cup view
a building with a red roof
Sheraton Sopot room 447 view of Sofitel Grand Sopot, the 1927 ‘grande dame’ of Sopot.
a beach with trees and a building
Sheraton Sopot 447 view of Sofitel Grand Sopot beach garden.
a coffee maker and wine glasses on a shelf
Sheraton room 447 coffee corner.

My only complaint about the Sheraton room design is the colored glass on the wall created too much light in the room at night with the bathroom light turned on.

a bathroom with a glass shower door
Kelley’s favorite bathroom of 9 hotels we stayed on trip.
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
Sheraton Sopot 447 bathroom.
a bathroom with a mirror and a sink
Sheraton Sopot Room 447 bathroom.

Sheraton Sopot SPG Lounge

One of the best aspects of my stay at Sheraton Sopot is my key card holder stated SPG Platinum elite, yet I gave up SPG Platinum after 2011 and I don’t think I have even been SPG Gold since 2013.

On my hotel exploration I found my way to the Sheraton Lounge to learn my key card opened the door.

Instead of a beach pub, our World Cup Qualifying Rounds party night happened in the Sheraton Lounge with 5pm and 8pm games.

a beer bottle on a table
Sheraton Sopot lounge World Cup with Zywiec.
a room with a table and chairs
Sheraton Sopot lounge.
a table with a glass of beer and a bottle
Sheraton Sopot lounge

The young woman restocking the bar kept adding six-packs of warm Zywiec and we kept refilling our glasses with added ice cubes from the large bucket in the hard alcohol space. The bucket of ice ran out just as the final game ended.

Fitness Center and Sheraton Sopot Spa and Pools

The fitness center and spa with pool are located downstairs from the Club lounge.

a staircase leading to a glass door
Sheraton Fitness Center downstairs from Club Lounge.
a room with exercise equipment
Sheraton Sopot fitness center
a group of treadmills in a gym
Sheraton Sopot Fitness Center
a room with gym equipment
Sheraton Sopot Fitness Center

Sheraton Sopot Spa and pools

The attendant at the Spa refused to allow me entry when I said I only wanted to see the pool and not swim. I was not in the mood for arguing. Pool and spa photos are on the Sheraton website.

Sheraton Sopot Overview:

Location: 5/5

Room comfort: 5/5

Facilities: 4/5 (Can’t rate pool, but Marriott Sopot appears to have larger pools adn a friendlier staff that did not mind letting photograph the pool area during our stay).

Restaurants: 4/5

Lounge: 4/5

Sheraton Sopot is currently SPG category 4 at 10,000 Starpoints for a standard reward or 5,000 points + $75 for Cash&Points ($81 after city tax).

The hotel rises to Marriott Rewards category 5 at 35,000 points August 2018. Marriott Sopot, currently at MR category 5 for 25,000 points per night will remain at 25,000 points in August 2018 as a new Marriott Rewards category 4 hotel.





  • bluecat July 9, 2018

    RE the pool attendant that did not want to let you in…Hotels in Poland that I stayed at last year had nice spas that had a no bathing suit (but mixed gender) policy. Maybe this was the reason?

  • shay peleg July 9, 2018

    Shitty lounge food I stayed there

  • Ric Garrido July 10, 2018

    @bluecat – that sound like a reasonable explanation.

    @shay peleg – I ate mostly soup at the lounge. Kelley made a meal of it since she likes canapé style food and making sandwiches.

  • Denis July 10, 2018

    Ric Garrido, I hope you have already claimed 2×250 eur compensation for your flight cancellation from LOT. You’re entitled for it as per EC 261/2004.

  • Ric Garrido July 12, 2018

    @Denis – Claim made. No word yet from LOT.

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