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Where Nordic Choice Club points are better deal than Choice Privileges

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Nordic Choice Hotels reward nights in Scandinavia are one of the best deals available with Choice Privileges points. There are about 180 hotels in Clarion, Clarion Collection, Quality, Comfort and Ascend Collection hotel brands in Denmark, Norway and Sweden available for reward nights through Choice Privileges.

But you can only earn points for paid stays at these hotels through Nordic Choice Club, a separate hotel loyalty program from Choice Privileges.

This week I had my first Nordic Choice Club points redemption hotel stay for Comfort Inn Vesterbro in Copenhagen. One night cost 10,000 Nordic Choice Club points. This same hotel is priced at 20,000 points through Choice Privileges.

The points difference for a reward night between Choice Privileges and Nordic Choice Club at the same Nordic Choice Hotel is something to be aware of so you can leverage the best value.

I also stayed at Skt. Petri Hotel Copenhagen using 20,000 Choice Privileges for a reward night. That same hotel is priced at 30,000 points in Nordic Choice Club.

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Both of these hotel stays were a fantastic discount for outrageously priced hotel rooms.

Skt. Petri Hotel Copenhagen

  • June 11 $802
  • June 12 $669

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I expected to see a packed hotel at Skt. Petri with a business conference since the hotel rates were about double the typical $300-$350 nightly rate. Comfort Inn Vesterbro was far more crowded during our hotel stay than Skt. Petri.

10,000 Nordic Choice Club points bought a $302 hotel room night in at Comfort Hotel Vesterbro.

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Comfort Hotel Vesterbro Copenhagen 1945 DKK = $301.92 USD.

Where Nordic Choice Club points are better deal than Choice Privileges

Nordic Choice Club has seven hotel reward categories from 7,500 points to 40,000 points per night.

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Generally speaking, most hotels in the Nordic Choice chain are a better deal using Choice Privileges points for reward nights, especially at higher end hotels.

Hotel reward category list of Nordic Choice Club bonus points needed for a reward night at Nordic Choice Hotels.

The points difference is huge at some hotels.

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Earning Nordic Choice Club points

You earn 1 Nordic Choice point per Norwegian or Swedish krona or 10 points per Euro for paid stays in Nordic Choice Hotels. You can also earn 750 Nordic Choice Club points per stay for Choice Hotels paid stays elsewhere in the world.

The main thing to know is you do not earn Choice Privileges points for paid stays at Nordic Choice Hotels, so use the opportunity to accumulate Nordic Choice Club points.

Collecting points in both Choice Privileges and Nordic Choice Club can be beneficial to leverage better redemption value at some hotels with Nordic Choice Club points.

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Comfort Hotel Vesterbro, Copenhagen reward night for 10,000 Nordic Choice Club points.


  • GUWonder June 15, 2018

    Did you get any Nordic Choice Club points as a result of using the status matched Nordic Choice Club account to get NCC elite status benefits on your Choice Privileges’ point redemption stays at Nordic Choice properties? Or are some of your Nordic Choice Club points the product of regular paid stays at Nordic Choice properties?

  • bluecat June 15, 2018

    Are there any “hacks” to get/earn/buy/transfer to Nordic Choice points?

  • Ric Garrido June 15, 2018

    @GUWonder – All my previous Nordic Choice Hotel stays used Choice Privileges points for reward nights. Most of my reward nights were booked at hotels where upgraded rooms were offered at booking, including several hotels where I was able to book suites.

    Most of my Nordic Choice Club points were a result of hotel stays in Norway where the hotel did not recognize the booking code on the reservation as a Choice Privileges reward stay. I ended up being charged for the room, then refunded the payment, but still earned Nordic Choice Club points for the hotel stay.

    Front desk clerks and managers at several hotels in Norway told me I was the first guest they were aware of who had stayed at their hotel using Choice Privileges points and they did not know how to process the reservation at check-in.

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  • GUWonder June 16, 2018

    I think the employee turnover may be why they don’t know about people having previously used Choice Privileges points for stays there. I have had Choice Privileges points used at most of the Nordic Choice hotels in Norway, in Sweden, and in Denmark and yet I still encounter some staff who don’t seem to know the situation and have done to me what has happened to you even after having done dozens of stays using points there before. [But now, I almost never present a bank card at check-in and if asked for one I just inform them that the booking costs are covered already and the room rate isn’t to be charged to my card.]

    I seem to get most of my Nordic Choice Club points from a combination of Choice Privileges point redemption stays (where I almost never submitted a bank card at check-in), from promotional paid rate bookings at Nordic Choice properties, and incidental charges at the hotels. Maybe I’ll start getting a lot from the NCC credit card in the future too, but the majority of my NCC points so far seem to be coming from what Choice Privileges is paying the Nordic Choice hotels for my point stays. I have figured out that there are ways to game this, but I had not done this with the intent of doing so. Rather it just came to my attention when I started seeing emails with substantial NCC point balances.

    Given what the NCC point balances suggest, I have been contributing a lot of money to NC hotels one way or another. I do have to wonder how long this show will stay as it is —but it’s providing very good returns for some of us for now.

  • bluecat June 16, 2018

    Besides staying at NCC Hotels, how can one get these points?

  • GUWonder June 16, 2018

    NCC points can be had from NC hotel stays, from NC hotel restautant/conference charges, from Choice hotel stays beyond the Nordic/Baltic countries, from Hertz car rentals in Denmark/Finland/Norway/Sweden, from Avis car rentals, from affiliate credit card activity, from TUI charter package purchases.

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