Choice Privileges Summer Promotion 8,000 points every two stays June 12-Aug 17

Choice Privileges launches its summer promotion for 8,000 points every 2 stays from June 12 to August 17, 2018. This promotion requires member registration with Choice Privileges.

This recurring promotion from Choice Privileges (similar promotion ended may 25) is advertised as a $50 gift card opportunity, however, the deal is a member earns 8,000 points for 2 stays. One of the redemption opportunities is 8,000 points can be redeemed for a $50 gift card from a variety of vendors. This is a discount on the normal 16,000 points for a $50 gift card.

In my analysis below, I show why a hotel reward night can be far better value than $50.

Choice Privileges 2 stays promotion is different from most hotel loyalty promotions in the way bonus points are earned.

Normal earn rate for Choice Privileges is 10 points per $1, so $200 in room rate spend for two stays earns 2,000 points. This promotion adds 6,000 bonus points for a total 8,000 points.

Spend $100 on 2 stays and earn 1,000 points + 7,000 bonus points. Spend $300 on 2 stays and earn 3,000 points, then 5,000 bonus points are earned for a total of 8,000 points.

Since this promotion favors low spend stays with more bonus points, Choice Privileges sets a 5,000 minimum bonus points earned for 2 stays when your qualifying spend is over $300. So, if you spend $500 for 2 stays, then you earn 5,000 bonus points for a total 10,000 points.

Choice Privileges High Value Hotel Reward Nights

Several hotels in Czech Republic and Sweden are priced at 8,000 and 10,000 points per reward night. Choice Privileges brought back Points Plus Cash reward nights in May 2018 after a one year absence. This reward option allows any hotel reward night for 6,000 points + $7.50 per 1,000 points needed to book a standard reward night.

Clarion Collection Hotel Odin, Gothenburg, Sweden is one of the great deals to be found with Choice Privileges points. All Nordic Choice Hotels offer complimentary breakfast. Clarion Collection Hotels have the added benefit of a lite dinner buffet too. This can easily be a $50 value compared to price of a restaurant meal in Sweden.

Choice Privileges standard rewards have a selection of hotel room types at some hotels. All three room types for this night at Hotel Odin are available for standard reward rates at 10,000 points or a Points Plus Cash reward night at 6,000 points + $30.

6,000 points + $30 buys a $204 room night at Clarion Collection Hotel Odin, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Czech Republic are places where I redeem nearly all my Choice Privileges points for great value.


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